Inspire: 1 day 2 times

My friends recently got on my case for only covering Japanese restaurants. It’s fortunate I do actually eat at other places! This review will be about a restaurant located in Markham on Main Street.
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By The Sea – And also in J-Town!

My parents used to take me to J-Town to reward me for good behaviour. I always loved this place — not too large, but it felt a little bit like a culinary playground with its amazing bakery, curry, meat shop, sushi stand, and mini-fish market. On this trip, we ended up scoring some amazing lunch specials at the meat market (WAGYU BEEF DON) and By the Sea.

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Onion Steak and Seafood: Not The Onion, but Passable Nonetheless

I remember when this spot used to be a Wasabi… anyways, this place is a little like Day and Night, but it’s cheaper, is less high class, and has no foie gras on the menu. But sometimes a strange combination of AYCE plus a special menu item is all you need to sate your appetite.

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