Green Tea Lounge @ J-Town

There are a plethora of dining options at the J-Town plaza. For this post, I’ll be covering Green Tea Lounge!

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By The Sea – And also in J-Town!

My parents used to take me to J-Town to reward me for good behaviour. I always loved this place — not too large, but it felt a little bit like a culinary playground with its amazing bakery, curry, meat shop, sushi stand, and mini-fish market. On this trip, we ended up scoring some amazing lunch specials at the meat market (WAGYU BEEF DON) and By the Sea.

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Shiso Tree Cafe: Japan+Italy=???

When I went to J-Town the other day, instead of eating within J-Town itself, my mom and I decided to look at some of the other restaurants situated in the same area based off of recommendations from her friend. There is an izakaya, a ramen place (Niwatei), and Shiso Tree Cafe, a place that serves Japanese-styled Italian pastas along with unique flavors of coffee and tea.

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