Etsu – It Means Delightful

Lots of great places to eat in Baldwin Village. Today, I’ll be writing about the adequately delightful Etsu.

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Richmond Station – Pretty Spectacular

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Richmond Station, the brainchild of Top Chef Canada Season 2 winner Carl Heinrich. I actually tried going to Richmond Station on three different occasions — each time, I was hit by a ridiculous wait time. For my third try, I finally made a successful reservation. What follows is my story. Continue reading

iBento: I feel Oddly at Home…

Sometimes you go to places for great food. Other times, you go to places because they’re cheap. Sometimes, you do so for both reasons. And sometimes you go just because it’s just a friendly, welcoming place. iBento is not incredible sushi by any means, but it is cheaper than any of those ‘Bento Noveau’ spots that you might find lurking around University campus. Better tasting, too, with much, much friendlier service.

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The Gabardine: I thought American portions = RLYBIG?!

After reading another blogger’s lunch visit to this place and checking out some reviews on yelp and the like, I decided to come here for my latest review, expecting to be pretty impressed. Sadly, as food blogging has started to make me realize, keeping one’s expectations in check is the key to avoid disappointment in restaurants. 😦 Of course, it wasn’t all bad, just…

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