Leslieville Pumps – SMOKED. BEEF. BRISKET.

In my quest to try everything around my current workplace, I recently went to try Leslieville Pumps. One of the better decisions I’ve made with my life.

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Vietnam Noodle Star: Beeftastic

Just because most bowls of pho look the same, don’t be fooled! There’s definitely better and worse when it comes to pho. And while Vietnam Noodle Star’s name is a lie since there is no actual Vietnamese on the menu, their food is still pretty darn good.
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Milestones: One of my favorite chains. :D

After a long day of shopping for jeans on one fine UofT-given holiday, my girlfriend and I were particularly famished and not keen on returning to eat cafeteria food (perhaps one day, I’ll blog it so I can show you all what it’s like…). Instead, we attempted to find a Chinese restaurant. Sadly, we passed by the Noodle Bowl and Woo’s was an All you can eat buffet. Then, my girlfriend made the smart decision and suggested we go to Milestones.

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Pickle Barrel: THIS ISN’T AT UofT!

I know! But I realized I’m only up at UofT/downtown Toronto on the weekdays usually, so I decided I’d upload a restaurant I went to today. As such, my friends and I hit up the Markville Mall location of Pickle Barrel. And wow, I think I just realized today that I’ve been spelling pickle as pickel for the past 20 years… FML

PS – Do excuse the terrible photo quality here. My camera’s not good at dealing with dimness.


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