My article on the Best Japanese Food in Toronto

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on a very important article for me. Japanese food has always been my favourite, and while this list that I’ve written for is by no means  exhaustive, I do think it has some of the best Japanese cuisine you can find in the city.  Continue reading


Aoyama – Sorry for the Delay!

Hey, so before I write up this post I just wanted to apologize real quick for taking so darn long to post anything. I’ve been working on an article about the best All-Day Breakfasts in Toronto for so I’ve been pretty tied up. I’ll make it up to you guys later.
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Koyoi: Izakayas not named Guu?!

When you don’t want to wait in line for an hour, a nice humble abode you can go to that offers some delicious fare is Koyoi! Not quite as loud and exciting as Guu, but they have a variety of alcoholic beverages, Japanese beers on tap, a reserved and quiet atmosphere, seating you don’t have to wait for, and most importantly, good grub (with bigger portions and cheaper prices, if I may add)!

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Taro’s Fish: I wish this place was still in J-Town :(

Back in the day, J-Town (which I covered here) and Taro’s Fish used to be in the same small mall. Even though there is now a replacement for Taro’s Fish in J-Town, my dad and I have personally always remembered Taro’s Fish quality to be a cut above the new seafood area. Not to mention, Taro’s Fish was better at cutting fish, and they would always have different kinds of oysters that they would shuck for you if you wanted them. So when I accidentally rediscovered Taro’s Fish via the wonders of the internet, my family went on a little food adventure.

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