As Promised… My Article for the Best All Day Breakfast in Toronto

Hey everyone. I took a little time off a couple weeks ago to explore the city and sample some of the best all day breakfasts this city has to offer to write an article for

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Richmond Station – Pretty Spectacular

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Richmond Station, the brainchild of Top Chef Canada Season 2 winner Carl Heinrich. I actually tried going to Richmond Station on three different occasions — each time, I was hit by a ridiculous wait time. For my third try, I finally made a successful reservation. What follows is my story. Continue reading

Krispy Kreme Donut Cafe: welcome back!

Once upon a time, Krispy Kreme Donuts decided to invade Canada from the faraway land of the USA, and along with the invasion, brought with them the most deliciously airy godliness that is their original glazed donuts. They opened several factories that made fresh donuts, but due to poor business strategy (such as giving away too many free donuts), they went out of business and closed all their shops except for 1, in Mississauga.

Here’s their second attempt at inducting KK donuts into Canadian ranks. I say best of luck, and everyone should go try one before they decide to pack up and leave again.

Location: 215 Harbord Street, Toronto
Price: CHEAP! special promotion when I went – 50 cent premium donuts! 

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they came 2 by 2s, like a Noah's Arc of Sweets, sailing into our stomaches =D

FIRST! teatimes and valentimes

It be I, The Other Annie, your newest edition to the crew of the Piggin’ Out Ship : )
About me, briefly: pirate speak aside, I enjoy seeking and devouring food loot, cracking lame jokes, dipping my hands in home edible alchemy (aka cooking), and sharing all the wisdom I’ve acquired over the years in above fields with you young padawans of foods.
Like Bossman Jeff, I too am a full-time student with few dubloons to spare. and in keeping blog traditions, will try to spill the beans within school vicinity. But where’s the fun in reviewing different subway sandwiches everyday? (actually, quite fun for me, the sheer numbers of combinations…) So I’ll keep this short and jump to my first FOOD LOG:

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