My article on the Best Japanese Food in Toronto

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on a very important article for me. Japanese food has always been my favourite, and while this list that I’ve written for is by no means  exhaustive, I do think it has some of the best Japanese cuisine you can find in the city.  Continue reading

small size :)

Pho Train: I choo-choo-choose you!

Hai Guys! I know you know this place!! Pho-Train aka Xe Lua is probably the most famous pho-house for hungry/drunken students!

Location: 254 Spadina Ave. Upstairs
Price: $ – Student Priced!
Website: none, but here’s its urbanspoon page with menu pics!

it came like this, I swear... points for attempting to "plate creatively"

Steamed Vietnamese Rice Rolls

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they came 2 by 2s, like a Noah's Arc of Sweets, sailing into our stomaches =D

FIRST! teatimes and valentimes

It be I, The Other Annie, your newest edition to the crew of the Piggin’ Out Ship : )
About me, briefly: pirate speak aside, I enjoy seeking and devouring food loot, cracking lame jokes, dipping my hands in home edible alchemy (aka cooking), and sharing all the wisdom I’ve acquired over the years in above fields with you young padawans of foods.
Like Bossman Jeff, I too am a full-time student with few dubloons to spare. and in keeping blog traditions, will try to spill the beans within school vicinity. But where’s the fun in reviewing different subway sandwiches everyday? (actually, quite fun for me, the sheer numbers of combinations…) So I’ll keep this short and jump to my first FOOD LOG:

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Winterlicious: Have YOU made your Reservations?

I’ve already made a post about Winterlicious before, but in case you missed it the first time, some of Toronto’s best restaurants are offering great deals to sample their awesome cuisine. While dinners ranging from $25-45 may still be out of the way for the student budget, finding the right place to indulge yourself might be worth pinching your pennies for a week or two to build up some money to spend on some great food smexy decor.

Has anyone got any stand out plans for Winterlicious? I’d love to hear about them! Or better yet — go, TAKE PICTURES, and SHOW THEM to me. Food porn aficionados unite!

I of course, have picked out my restaurant. I want to go to all of them, but we simply cannot. But perhaps, together, we can at least tell stories of one another’s experiences, and see which places were worth it… and which restaurants were not!

Good day.

First Update of the Year!: Various Restaurants

Now, I was wondering how on earth I was going to get through my backlog. Then I realized: instead of doing a bunch of long posts, why not do one, big, epic post? PS – I started watching How I Met Your Mother. Great show! As such, however, you may notice an influx of bad HIMYM jokes. Onward!

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