TO Food Fest: Eat ALL The Things

Recently, I went to the TO Food Fest and ate pretty much EVERYTHING.

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The Host: Fancy Indian

Note: Sorry for the lack of updates. I just moved so I will be updating more now that I can get through my backlog!

I was craving Indian so we went to The Host at its downtown location. Boyfriend recommended it so I wanted to try it out. It’s definitely a fancier Indian place than some others.

Interior of the restaurant: dark wood, elegant, and warm.

Name: The Host Fine Indian Cuisine

Location: 14 Prince Arthur Avenue (Yorkville; multiple locations)

Cost: I’ll get back to you on this



Indian curry is pretty heavy so we ordered two entrees to share between us, nan, and mango chutney.  The entrees were the butter chicken (Murgh Makni) and the Saag, spinach puree with paneer cheese.  There was complimentary appetizer called papadum, which is hard, crispy Indian cracker that came with spicy dip.  The dip was a nice surprise because the first thing that hits the tongue is a mango flavour and then the spices build up over time.

Papadum with dip

Our entrees were good but the stand out was the nan. It was fluffy but crispy and made to order so you know it was fresh out of the oven.  The flavour was fragrant because of the butter they used.  Unfortunately my butter chicken was a bit watery for my taste.  It was my first time trying the Saag and I loved it.  The spinach puree went really well with the mango chutney we got on the side because of the different flavours at play: salty spinach with spices, the savory paneer cheese curd and the sweet/sour taste of the chutney.  The chutney reminded me of a Chinese candy I used to eat as a kid.

Murgh Makhni (butter chicken), Saag Paneer, nan, and mango chutney

om nom nom

Verdict: Good Indian but pricier than your average place.  If you have the money for fancy Indian with good nan, go for it but I’m happy with those cheaper lunch buffets too. Butter chicken could have been better.