About Sherry

I like to eat and I like to take pictures of my food, which is a habit I picked up from Japan. It’s hard to pinpoint a favourite cuisine but I really like Thai curries, sushi, hot pot, and comfort food.  Most posts will be about Toronto/GTA restaurants but sometimes I might throw in international destinations that I try while traveling! Traveling + food = the best.

Flavour Profile: My tastes are geared more toward sauce and strong flavours so if you fit that taste profile, you’ll probably like what I like. I appreciate the intensity of strong flavours but also care about balance between meat/veggies and heavy/light.

Restaurant Focus: I’ll focus on fine dining and good date spots. That’s not to say I won’t include a burger joint or pub that stands out.

Verdict: I don’t have a scoring system like my colleagues because that’s too hard for me to do. Instead, I’ll mention if it’s worth the money compared to other restaurants of its class, if the food is interesting and about the atmosphere in general. I’ll try to include a TL;DR though.


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