About Annie

the Girl:

so far, I appear to be very wordy.

Flavor Profile: Definitely a fan of subtle and refine flavours, or as I’d like to say : “I like foods that taste like air, but have taste.” It sounds pretty zen dont it? I love my sweets, so pastries and deserts are my kryptonite, and I don’t do well with spicy at all. I do however, like to try different things just to say I’ve tried them..and on many occasions have found myself to be pleasantly surprised by my om-adventures.

the Scale:

scores are out of 10,

3 points for food (including food quality, presentation/portion, tastiness),

3 points for place (including cleanliness, ambience, decor),

3 points for service (including the employees attitudes, promptness, and also cost-effectiveness).

The way I see it, there is always a certain roof price for tasty good quality food. Anything priced over that I will just assume I’m paying for a better dining experience. So whether the service was good enough to deserve that extra cost? will gain/lose points in terms of cost-effectiveness.

So you may have noticed that the above components add up to 9… why ? Because there is a 1 point bonus! The bonus point is sort of a wild card, which I’ll add based on culminating dining experience : ) It’s understandable that somedays the service is just a bit underwhelming or the food isn’t as delicious as expected, but if there is clearly effort being made, or the restaurant is trying out a new interesting dining concept, that point is an easy gain 🙂


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