My friends recently got on my case for only covering Japanese restaurants. It’s fortunate I do actually eat at other places! This review will be about a restaurant located in Markham on Main Street.

The lights!

Phone: 905-554-2889
Hours of Operation: Sunday, Tues, Wed 11:30 am-10 pm, Thurs-Sat 11:30 am-11 pm, closed Mondays
Pro-tip: RESERVE. It’s always so full

I came here for lunch a little while ago with some fellow foodies to finally try this well-known restaurant in the area. Service was super happy and accommodating, very nice people. who knew how to strike up just enough conversation.

Special of the day

This was the Peking pancake, which was a large, fluffy pancake with delicious pork belly slathered with the sweet savoury sauce you normally get with Peking duck. Maple syrup adds to the contrast of savoury and sweet.

butter chicken pasta

The butter chicken serpentini has a nice spicy kick to it and the chicken is moist and tender. It’s been a while since I had a spirally pasta like this and it was a nice change of pace from the standard pennes, spaghettis, etc.


Since we’d all heard great things about their Inspire Burger, two of us ended up ordering this. Coming with a runny egg, a succulent slab of pork belly and a juicy beef patty, I was surprised at how good this was! In my humble opinion, it was even better than Burger’s Priest. At $15, you get this along with fries, which we upgraded to Pulled Pork fries for $2.


I wanted to make sure you guys got a view of the Pulled Pork fries. This is the Body-builder burger, which comes with TWO patties. This was an amazing mouthful and totally worth nearly breaking my jaw to get the perfect bite. Just look at it! It’s every non-Vegetarian person’s dream.


Their Banana Bread Ice Cream Sandwich arrived with delicious banana bread waffles and candied walnuts. The peanut butter fudge ice cream added an extra layer of richness and decadence. Super sweet, but when you see it you just can’t say no.

Normally my review would end here, but I loved the burgers so much that I decided to bring my parents back for another round in the evening.


Apologies for the sub-par photography here, since it doesn’t do justice to how yummy these scotch eggs were. I’d have preferred if the yolks were ever so slightly more runny, but the combination of seaweed, spicy berry compote and crispiness from the panko crusting the meat was such a wonderful mix!


The Udon Carbonara reminded me of what I could get at izakayas. It was nice and creamy, but a little one dimensional even with spicy sausage and braised beef. I think I’d just prefer a regular carbonara here since it’s already so good…

duckmalayriceThis panko-crusted confit duck comes with a Malaysian-style fried rice for $28. You’ll notice that the portion seems a little small. Honestly, this was pretty good too, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the price! The duck was crispy but kind of bland in flavour, and the rice had a lot of curry powder flavour. Not too special.

While my friends and I enjoyed this place a lot for lunch, my parents had just an okay experience at dinner.

TL;DR: Order the burgers, stay away from the confit duck rice. The burgers are just so good.


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