It’s an Asian thing guys

I assure you after kitch is ‘en’

Address: 3290 Midland Ave, Unit 9 Toronto, ON M1V 4W8
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun 11am-9pm (don’t you love easy schedules?)
Phone #: 416-292-7095
Pro-tip: Order their spring rolls. They’re actually amazing.

This is a traditional thing my parents occasionally like to do and surprisingly, despite my initial distaste for this kind of cuisine when I was younger, I’ve grown to really enjoy it. Everything you’re about to see has no meat in it whatsoever!

Preserved bamboo shoots! My dad told me I was allergic to them for 20 years before I finally had them. He was holding out on me...

Preserved bamboo shoots! My dad told me I was allergic to them for 20 years before I finally had them. He was holding out on me…

These crunchy stocks of bamboo shoots are surprisingly tasty, with a glaze of a vegetable-based sauce that accentuates the earthy flavours of this vegetable. I really like the texture on these; they have a little give and they’re almost meaty in nature.

A vegetarian platter!

A vegetarian platter!

Basically, this simulates various types of meat such as chicken, pork, etc. in terms of both taste and texture. My favourites on this are always the deep fried stuff (which you can see on the far left) and the soft red tofu with a sweet and sour sauce.

The star of the show...

The star of the show…

Deceptively simple, these vegetarian spring rolls are packed with oodles of flavour. Because it’s purely veggie, it’s somehow clean and refreshing while still having all that delicious deep-fried flavour.


This actually looks like beef!

This dish simulates beef pretty well in terms of the textures, but it’s the taste that really shines through here. I don’t think I could be convinced that any of this is actually meat, but that’s ok; it’s kind of just playing homage to meat rather than trying to replicate it. So while it has some of the flavour/texture profile of the standard meat dish, it also ends up being its own unique cuisine.

TL;DR: Vegetarian food can be good sometimes. This place has been around for forever and is super solid — I used to even come here when I was back in elementary school! That’s becoming a rather long time now…


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