When I started work at my new work place, I was sad because my co-workers told me there was no good sushi around. Fortunately, I decided to do a quick sweep with Yelp and Urbanspoon and found out that Sushi Marche was in the area!

It's only bones because you'll eat all that delicious meat

It’s only bones because you’ll eat all that delicious meat

Phone Number: 416-463-0114
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 11am-3pm & 5pm-9pm, Sat 3pm-10pm, Sun 5pm-9pm
Pro Tip: Go early or call in so you can just pick up and avoid waiting!

Chef John Lee worked under Iron Chef MASAHARU MORIMOTO for a time so I was fairly certain that he would have high standards for the quality of his product.

Fortunately, I came very early in the middle of the week.

Fortunately, I came very early in the middle of the week.

I think they used to only do take-out but they have now expanded so you can actually dine-in. That would make sense since they have an omakase option.

dat fish

dat fish

Scallops, yellowtail, bc tuna, luscious red tuna, fresh salmon and an oyster were offered the day I went for lunch. Each piece was shimmering and extremely fresh. The scallop had the perfect texture and was ever so slightly sweet, the yellowtail had a great, slightly firm texture, and tuna lacked that somewhat metallic tang you get from lower grade sashimi tuna.

Angles are very important!

Angles are very important!

Look at how juicy that yellowtail looks! The shiso leaves were a nice accompaniment too (they’re actually pretty good for you). As always with Japanese restaurants, beyond the freshness it’s definitely about the little touches. You can see that there’s a wedge of lime on the oyster. That might not seem very special, but having the option to add a little spritz of lime juice onto my delectable oyster before eating it was a welcome minor addition that elevated my meal to awesomeness.

TL;DR: This place isn’t cheap! But the fish quality and preparation are both amazing. Not a once a week place, but I expect to head back once a month if I’m lucky.

PS – Why is this fate? I’ve been trying to eat at this restaurant since my second year of university (a rather long time…) and I’d long given up. Then somehow, I started working right next to it. Such fate, wow.

Sushi Marché on Urbanspoon


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