Just because most bowls of pho look the same, don’t be fooled! There’s definitely better and worse when it comes to pho. And while Vietnam Noodle Star’s name is a lie since there is no actual Vietnamese on the menu, their food is still pretty darn good.

Their name is too long so I can't fit it all in my shot...

Their name is too long so I can’t fit it all in my shot…

Phone #: 416-609-9796
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun 11am-12am
Pro Tip: This place is huge so you can pretty much always get a seat if you’re craving solid pho

All of the Lights

All of the Lights

I came here with a bunch of friends and we actually ordered a lot of things. I guess I still have work to do to get rid of the rest of my shame as a Food Blogger since I didn’t manage to get pictures of some of the food that was further away from me. Next time, I should probably just stand up and snap shots of everyone’s food after politely asking them.

Never fear, I still am somewhat shameless ;)

Never fear, I still am somewhat shameless 😉

I did manage to snap some photos. This is Noodle Star’s house pho, with raw beef, tripe, tendon, balls, and oodles of noodles. My friend finished this faster than everyone else despite the fact that he had a large portion while everyone else had a small. The raw beef needs to be cooked in the broth for a bit, and it ends up having this great, just cooked texture that is not chewy or rubbery at all.

That carrot is not to scale

That carrot is not to scale

This uses a similar soup stock but adds tomato-base. My friends who tried this claimed it was ‘interesting’, but most prefer the more vanilla pho.

The hipster foodblogger's buns

The hipster foodblogger’s buns

Instead of having pho, I opted for a vermicelli bowl with a choice of three accompaniments. The choices were lemongrass Chicken, beef, pork, chicken wings, beef rolls, deep fried pork chop, Vietnamese ham, spring roll, grilled shrimp, sugar cane shrimp. I ended up choosing a healthy combination of lemongrass chicken, grilled beef, and some Vietnamese spring rolls.

Vietnam Close-up

I know you guys like close-ups

The grilled beef had been glazed with a slightly sweet, savoury sauce. The chicken had just the right amount of lemongrass aroma and was still moist and tender, while the spring rolls were filled to the brim with ingredients. There were vegetables here too, but who cares about those?

TL;DR: Get their house pho or choose from the wonderful selection to make your own wonderful dish. Their curries are pretty good too apparently.


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One thought on “Vietnam Noodle Star: Beeftastic

  1. Sometimes, they are quite generous with their tripe in the house special! You don’t get that a lot in pho restaurants! Definitely helps with getting the pho fix.
    I’d also like to add that their soup is consistent of the many years I’ve gone to them. However, I find that it’s a bit on the salty side than savoury. The last time I went, they may have diluted my soup with noodles that seemed drained, but not drained enough.

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