Anyone that knows me knows that I unfairly hate on Vegetarian food and always have. That being said, as a food blogger I realized I had to expand my horizons, so with a little help I went to my first Vegetarian restaurant ever.

Oops no Decor or TItle Pic. Have this instead

Oops no Decor or Exterior Pic. Have this instead

Phone Number: 416-754-8188
Hours of Operation: SUN – THU 11:30 AM – 9 PM // FRI 11:30 PM – MIDNIGHT // SAT 12 PM – 12 AM
PRO TIP: Don’t sit close to the entrance! It’s cold!

This is a fairly small cozy restaurant that serves strictly vegetarian fare. Lots of options and very affordable too.

With a peanut sauce that was just sweet peanut butter

With a peanut sauce that was just sweet peanut butter

These chicken nuggets were actually really good. It was very hard to tell it wasn’t actually meat at first and the outer layer had good flavouring. Even though the sauce by itself didn’t seem that special, it paired well with the nuggets.

Mac & Cheese + Crispy Seaweed

Mac & Cheese + Crispy Kale Chips

Strangely sweet and not cheesy enough. Maybe because it was Vegan cheese? The macaroni was made with quinoa so it was also gluten free. It did at least look nice and the kale chips were good though! Reminded me a little of those Asian crispy seaweed packets.

Tempehsloppyjoe2I got their burger platter and chose the Tempeh Sloppy Joe. There are actually many choices: classic beef-y, spicy black bean, vegetable, and portobello mushroom. The sloppy joe was okay and had bolder flavours than I was expecting. It had an interesting after taste as well. I can’t say I really loved it but it was big and got the job done. The Sesame fries were probably the highlight of the dish for me, with just subtle hints of sesame aroma and perfectly crispy flies.

TL;DR: Tell me about better Vegetarian places. O_O I feel like there are 3 main schools of Vegetarian dining: 1) MAKE IT AS CLOSE TO MEAT AS POSSIBLE 2) MAKE IT AS TASTY AS POSSIBLE 3) MAKE IT AS HEALTHY AS POSSIBLE and this place never really succeeded hard at #2, which in my opinion is the most important.

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