There’s a lot of hype surrounding Richmond Station, the brainchild of Top Chef Canada Season 2 winner Carl Heinrich. I actually tried going to Richmond Station on three different occasions — each time, I was hit by a ridiculous wait time. For my third try, I finally made a successful reservation. What follows is my story.

You're about to see the real difference between my guest friend and I.

You’re about to see the real difference between my guest friend and I.

Phone Number:  647-748-1444
Hours of Operation:  Monday to Friday 11:30 am – 10:30 pm, Saturday 5:00 – 10:30 pm


We went in the middle of the day and it still filled up soon after this photo.

A close up of some of their alcohol.

A close up of some of their alcohol.

Richmond Station serves contemporary Canadian style cuisine. It has a really warm and natural sort of atmosphere to it, and the aromas that waft through the venue as you enter are simply bewitching.

the power of a guest friend

Let’s get the not as good out of the way first

All 4 of the people who frequent this blog must know that I am a Japanese Food fanatic. When we received this trout tartare for $12, I already knew it was bound to be kind of disappointing, The size of this plate was the size of a soy sauce plate at your standard Japanese restaurant. The flavours were nice and clean, but the size of this dish simply did not justify the cost — I could have easily gotten a better tasting and significantly larger portion of a similar kind of product for about $5 less. To put it bluntly this was classified as a “Share” or appetizer on their website, but it’s as much an appetizer as a single nibble counts as foreplay.

It’s very fortunate that the next dishes were much, much, much better.



This charcuterie plate ($16) consisted of a delicious deep-fried head cheese (which is a surprisingly delicious meat jelly made from the head of an animal like a pig or a calf), Chinese style lap cheong sausage, and much more. Suffice to say, their selection often changes, but on this particular day it was great. The accompanying whole grain mustard and dijon really spiced this meat selection up, and even though I can’t remember the names of each of them, I remember the varied levels of saltiness, meatiness, and textures that I experienced. My absolute favourite was definitely the deep-fried head cheese though, even if it sounds gross! Oh, we also got bread service with the charcuterie plate.

The best thing is sliced bread

The best thing is sliced bread


They were nice enough to split up their main into two portions for us.

This is a deceptively filling main even when split in half. each ravioli is filled to the brim with this delectably marinated beef that just melts in your mouth while exuding its savoury meat flavours, accented by herbs like rosemary, and hints of aromatic red wine. This perfectly-fried egg imparts extra creaminess to the dish as you mix it into the sauce, and the green beans help balance the extremely rich ravioli. The homemade hickory sticks are a nice touch too!

Well, this is art.

Well, this is art.


What does this look like to you? I see a little island in the middle of water, kind of like a beachy place, and a small fort… I’ve never been great at interpreting art though.


This was one of the special desserts of the day, with chocolate mousse, a raspberry reduction, star anise ice cream, pistachio dust, and much more. When it came to us, we had to stop and marvel for at around a minute. It was a lot to take in, and it really does challenge the idea of what a chocolate mousse is. It also challenges traditional presentation techniques. It’s pretty avant-garde, but it worked for my dining partner and I!

TL;DR: Sensual to the eye desserts, skip the bad foreplay tartare, and next time I go I’m trying their EXTREMELY DELICIOUS LOOKING BURGER.


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