Note: This brief write-up is a little more serious than usual! I’ll be posting an awesome video I found that really made me think more about what goes into my mouth.

In my personal journey of eating and cuisine, I’ve always found that I had a preference towards Japanese cuisine without really knowing why. (the featured image for this article is a much more recent order of Chirashi from Wow Sushi, btw. Anyone want a re-review? Let me know!) I’ve had great food from all kinds of restaurants! So why Japanese?

I came across this awesome video series called Chef’s Cut from The Art of Plating. In particular, this extremely pretty video about Kaiseki stood out for me.

In the video, chef Niki Nakayama explains Kaiseki as a “multi-course prixe fixe meal based off of different cooking techniques, originating from Buddhist temples… the newer version is a banquet style, more elaborate; sophisticated.” When I watched the video, it was almost like I was watching the creation of not just food, but art.Even back when I had omakase at Sushi Couture many years ago, I felt that was sort of what I was searching for.

It’s undeniable that there is extraordinarily tantalizing food from all manner of restaurants and cuisines too. Here are some examples from places I’ve been to:


Soft-shell crab at Bent Restaurant

A custom-crafted pizza from Fratelli Village Pizzeria

A custom-crafted pizza from Fratelli Village Pizzeria

From a prixe fixe lunch at Chef's House

From a prixe fixe lunch at Chef’s House

What I got from the video is that truly great food is way more than just how it tastes or how it looks. It’s a chef trying to have an interaction and conversation with a customer, not just through words but through an interplay of flavours, colours, shapes, angles, aromas, textures, and so much more.

Anyway, I don’t want to make this write-up too long. If this actually seems to interest my followers, I’ll definitely write another one! Next time will talk more about the idea of progression.

In other words, the next time I’ll be talking about food foreplay…


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