I recently had a hankering for some fried chicken, and believe it or not I’ve never had the pleasure of consuming chicken and waffles. I sought out a place to fulfil my desires, and found the Home of the Brave.

I recommend joining

I recommend joining

Location: 589 King St W, Toronto, ON, 2nd Floor
: $$
Hours of Operation: Mon-Wed 12 PM – 11 PM, Thurs-Sat 12 PM – 2 AM
Phone #:  416-366-2736


My supper officer and I had a little bit of trouble finding this place because the sign is a little easy to miss. But once we got inside and climbed to the second floor, the service was quick to get us to our table. I usually like places with an open kitchen concept! It just immediately feels more intimate. This is a more casual restaurant with the feel of a nice bar with some good grub.

so intimate

so intimate

I wanted to save the chicken and waffles for the climax of the evening, so we decided to add some dish foreplay.

Delicious, creamy foreplay.

Delicious, creamy foreplay.

This was the Broccoli and Grits — incredibly rich with a savoury mushroom gravy, buttery, velvety grits (why are they called grits when they’re soooo smooth? Not complaining, though) and broccoli roasted to perfection. My guest friend even proclaimed that this was the best broccoli she had EVER had in her life.

Fluffy Balls of cauliflower drizzled in a white sauce.

Fluffy Balls of cauliflower drizzled in a white sauce.

We actually ordered this after the Chicken and Waffles, but for the sake of building up the story, next came the Buffalo Cauliflower. Much like my recent visit to Thoroughbred, this incarnation of cauliflower had been doused in batter and fried until crispy. The ranch and buffalo sauce add a tangy zip that was reminiscent of chicken wings. Unfortunately, the cauliflower itself was a bit bland and there was not enough seasoning — these balls were not my thing.



Have a close up of this post's CLIMAX!

Have a close up of this post’s CLIMAX!

So here’s what we came here for. Panko-fried chicken with a fair helping of sour cream, spicy maple syrup, green onions and sour-dough waffles. I’ve never had Chicken and Waffles, but I’ve had chicken and I’ve had waffles…

This was pretty darn good. The spicy maple syrup added a touch of heat that excited my senses, and the sweetness lended itself well to balancing the more savoury flavours of this dish without overpowering it. The chicken itself was tender and juicy. Not quite as crispy as I’d like because of all the sauce, but I’ll take the trade off of incredible flavour.

TL;DR: came for the climax, got a climax, don’t order the balls, creamy broccoli grits is good foreplay

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