Yes, I do eat things that aren’t Japanese!

Walking towards the restaurant

Location: 386 Bloor Street W
Price: $$
Phone #: (647) 748-2333
Hours of Operation: Sun-Wed 11am – 11pm Thu-Sat 11am – Midnight

This place is pretty big.

Probably a hundred seats or more..

Famoso has a nice vibrant decor and offers a sort of middle ground between the cheap and fast pizza places and the more expensive ones such as Libretto or Terroni. There are menus at the front cashier area as well as on the desks, and after you’ve figured out what you want you just go up to the front and order it or ask for a server to help you out. During lunch, they’ve got good personal pizza + side specials — I recommend checking those out.

Lots of meat on my pizza, or ‘pizzette’ as they were calling it.

From what I remember, the pizza had a nice tomato flavor and there was an adequate amount of toppings. I wasn’t blown away, but it definitely was pretty good. The caprese salad was nice and fresh, with the balsamic vinegar helping to balance the fresh mozzarella, arugula and tomato.

A close up!

Caprese salad is actually one of my favorite salads… ever. If you haven’t had one I recommend going for it!


I know that this is a pizza place, but what REALLY stands out are the desserts. Particularly, the gelato.

I’d go here just for this stuff.


You can actually just walk in and order these just like you would at any other ice cream place. For the day I went, the special was the salted caramel gelato, so I went for that.

I had difficulty describing this. But to put it simply, it was SO GOOD!

When the foodblogger is at a loss for words you know that it’s either really good or really bad. There was some intense harmony of salty and sweet going on here that elevated this gelato to its maximum level of deliciousness. The creaminess of the gelato was indicative of its freshness, and if I were a more greedy man, I’d probably have ordered a second helping.


Final Thoughts: If you hate Pizza Pizza but loathe to subway/bus around looking for a nice pie, I’d recommend stopping by here. It’s not the best, but it’s way better than the worst! And even if you hate pizza, if you love gelato, the gelato here is simply divine!


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