Sometimes I just can’t help myself as I continue to find Japanese spots all over town…

Here is the entrance.

Location: 40 St. Clair St. W
Price: $$
Phone #: (647) 345-1212
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 11:30AM-10:00PM

cruddy decor picture

This place is a fairly small joint. It can probably seat 30-35 people at most, probably less. It looks pretty nice, with some Japanese ornaments that I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of. All in all it looks fairly new and clean. Always a plus!

I like the personal tea pot.


I really think that more places should do this. It saves them time and effort if they just provide a tea pot in the dim sum style — they’d just have to refill the pot! The tea was good too. I hate it when tea is flavorless. Fortunately, this tea had a gentle, but noticeable green tea aroma and taste to it.

The soup was in a tea cup. T’was cute.

For some reason, it feels like the general quality of the miso soups I’ve been having has been going up! This soup was quite flavorful and also had these meaty strips of enoki mushroom that had been given a good flavor by the miso. The salad too was quite delicious, being a standard japanese dressing that had been given an extra quick with some fresh lemon juice, carrot slices and beet slices.

I accidentally ate one and snapped a bad photo…

This is ikura, or salmon egg roe. Two pieces for $4 isn’t that bad of a deal, and the ikura were very very fresh. I love the way that they sort of blow up in your mouth, releasing their salty and fishy flavors.

A fun-size.

Maki Special A was 8pc Spicy Salmon Roll and 8pc Spicy Tuna roll. Some restaurants make the spicy sauce too spicy, don’t have enough fish, might have too much tempura bits, too much rice, not enough sesame seed, badly packed rice, or bad quality rice. Fortunately, Daeco escapes all these possible flaws, and brings out a good product for the price point ($10). The spicy sauce had good balance, and the sesame seeds added a nice textural crunch to accentuate the tempura bits. The fish used was fresh, and so these were very refreshing to eat.


Final Thoughts: This is probably hands down the only good Japanese restaurant in the area. If you need to go, it’s right outside St. Clair station. They also have Omakase options at dinner time for $30-$40. Seems like this place is a pretty good deal!




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