A while back for Father’s Day I decided that I would dispense with my usual formality of taking my father to a Western-styled restaurant for a steak. This ended up being an extraordinarily awesome idea, and you will soon see why.


Location: 330 Highway 7 East
Price: $$-$$$
Phone #: (905)731-7221
Hours of Operation: 11am-11pm Daily
Website: http://www.saigonstartoronto.com/index.php

Obligatory BLURRY Decor Picture

I originally came for the curry crab (which everyone at every table seemed to be ordering at least one of. Like, literally EVERY TABLE) but my mom didn’t want anything spicy, so I went with the other choice I’d read about online — the Crab in Beer Broth. We also decided to get some Pad Thai, a platter, and some Honey-glazed pork neck meat. The service was generally very nice throughout the evening.

dem spring rolls

This platter came first, with all the good stuff. The standout for me was the satay skewers on the side, which my dad claimed was some of the only good satay he’d had in Toronto for a pretty long time. There was a good assortment of fried, greasy foods and more clean, more neutral tasting stuff to balance everything out and give the false sense of eating healthy.

I got the small version just to try it… I regret not getting the large.

This was some really really delicious meat. We had some before I remembered to take a picture because it just smelled so good! The meat was rich and fatty but not overly so, and the slight bitter char mixed well with the saltiness of the pork and the sweetness from the honey.

Bland :(, but…

This was probably the one disappointment of the night for me. It felt pretty sloppily done, it didn’t taste good, and it sort of lacked ingredients. HOWEVER! When mixed with the beer broth, this became delicious. I think almost anything would!

The star of the show.

I originally ordered the pad thai just to have something to accompany the crab, but it turned out that was unnecessary as it came with glass noodles soaked in that delicious golden broth. There was ample amounts of crab meat of course, and we all indulged ourselves fully. Remember to ask for some bread, too. It’s so good when you dip it into the soup! The aroma it gave off was heavenly as well. Just makes me salivate thinking about it!

Free dessert that isn’t red bean soup lol

I have no idea how to explain this in English (… odd) but it’s kind of like a tapioca pudding with mung beans. It was creamy and sweet but not overly so and the tapioca was very velvety. They almost gave us an extra one, we actually had to stop them. Too hospitable! 🙂

Final Comments: This place is not cheap. It is, however, delicious. Someday, I will go back to try the curry crab. I hope you too can indulge, for it is so, so good.

8.5/10. Cheers!


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