I used to walk by this place, thinking it was just another run of the mill school sponsored cafe with cruddy overpriced food. Little did I know that they were secretly serving up good grub for great prices! I’m pretty sure any Korean students at UofT will already know about this. Sorry for telling everyone else! 😀

More than meets the eye.

Location: 364 Huron Street
Price: $
Phone #: 416-260-5152

This unassuming joint hides some pretty good home-style Korean and Japanese cooked food. There are a few tables out front, then you can take some stairs to get to another dining area.

Their cooking area.

Katsudon. Mmmmm…

Fried Pork Cutlet melded together with fried eggs, vegetables, and a hit of their homemade teriyaki sauce. Their teriyaki sauce is really liquidy, much like a soy sauce, but it is full of rich umami (thanks, Kikkoman commercials) flavors. The cutlet retains its crisp, and it is not dry. A large portion for a good price point.

Spicy Teriyaki. Huh? Good, though.

This felt a little bit like a Korean and Japanese fusion dish, if only because the spices really reminded me of Korean cuisine. This had quite the kick to it — fortunately I had my Fuze Refresh drink! Still, it was very good despite how spicy it was, with robust flavors and more of that homemade teriyaki sauce (I wish I could take some home with me)!

Final Thoughts: When you’re on campus and close to Robarts, or you just want something cheap but filling and delicious to eat on campus, it doesn’t get any better than Varsity. Don’t expect fine dining, but do expect to have your belly filled! 7.5/10. 


PS – Don’t you love it when restaurants have easy to access menus to take photos of?

I certainly do. Also wtf a ghost?


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