Hi guys, just thought I’d give y’all something a little closer to homebase for this week’s update. I’m sure almost all UofT students have walked by here at least fifty or so times, especially if you frequently hop on the St. George Subway station. And yes, with a valid UofT student ID card you get 20% off!

Are there any UofT students who *haven’t* walked by here?

Location: 321 Bloor Street West
Price: $$
Website: http://www.barmercurio.com
Phone #: (416)  585-2233

Master of the bad interior shot.

There’s actually a whole other section behind those menus and a whole section behind me, as well as a patio.

These blasted curtains!

You usually go up to the counter and order what you want, then they bring it out for you. I got one of their lunch specials, a sandwich with inhouse-made porchetta. Porchetta is basically boneless fatty delicious pork roast. The word itself sounds delicious — try saying it yourself. Porchetta. Porchetta. Porchetta. 

Taking multiple shots because of uncertainty in picture quality… also different angles for you all to look at 🙂

This looks better.

Sweet potato fries are always good, and it was a nice pairing with the surprisingly mild porchetta. The bread was of course toasted, adding a little smokiness and a more crispy texture. To be honest, I was expecting a more bacony flavor from the porchetta, but I wasn’t disappointed since it tasted good anyways. For around $12, I remember it being a very filling meal. They definitely did not skimp on the meat!

Final Thoughts: This place is also really good to sit down for coffee or tea. The 20% discount is a nice bonus, but the food is solid. Pretty sophisticated and you can totally do meetings or read books or whatever here. Also pretty good when you’re lazy, but want to eat a little better than the usual stuff on campus. Cheers!



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