Sometimes you go to places for great food. Other times, you go to places because they’re cheap. Sometimes, you do so for both reasons. And sometimes you go just because it’s just a friendly, welcoming place. iBento is not incredible sushi by any means, but it is cheaper than any of those ‘Bento Noveau’ spots that you might find lurking around University campus. Better tasting, too, with much, much friendlier service.

Anyone recognize where this is?

Location: 235A College Street
Price: $ (Dynamite Rolls for $4.99? w00t!)
Phone #: ??? (I’ll have to go back since it’s not on their menu…)
Hours of Operation: I think it pretty much just opened. They have no opening or closing hours on display, though I asked the guy and he says he closes by 8.

Was not kidding about the cheap menu… which I snapped a picture of from Bahen!)

As I noted above, don’t expect amazing Sushi or anything. It’s run by a really friendly old husband and his wife, and when I went in I was greeted really warmly, kind of like I was heading back to a home kitchen or something. I took a moment to order the maki special, getting a cali roll with dumplings. He told me to wait for a bit while he crisped up the dumplings for me, and to get as much miso soup as I wanted to get in the mean time. I thought he meant just one bowl, but he later took my bowl and in a super friendly way just refilled it himself. It really did remind me of how older relatives like stuffing me with food!

This is pretty much the entire ‘restaurant.’

It’s mostly a take out operation, but they do have one table with three seats and a little table against the windows. I guess this adds to the homey feel of this place, though.

Where did that eighth california roll go?! (I ate it)

Twelve dumplings, refillable miso soup and eight california rolls. For $5.99, that’s actually really cheap, considering this was during dinner time. Much better than going to one of those positively scary Chinese food trucks along St. George Street! And trust me, it is surprisingly filling. For the price, I think everything was okay. Not awesome, but it’s quick and fast if you’re starved for cash or something, which I do think was the original point of me opening up this blog!

Final Thoughts: Yep, this is where Tenshi Teriyaki used to be. I have no idea if it’s run by the same people or not since I only went there once, but I really do recommend this place for cheap eats. Do not expect to be overwhelmed by the awesomeness of how tasty this is. But you will be whelmed by the quantity to quality ratio. Cheers!



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