After eating at so many Japanese places, I do consider myself to have a little extra knowledge when it comes to this area of cuisine. So, a while back I eventually ended up going to Yuzu. The results? Not bad.

The entrance is definitely super classy.

Location: 236 Adelaide Street W
Price: $$$
Phone #:  (416)205-9808

Love the way their chopstick holders look. Pardon the quality — used no flash.

This place is in the entertainment district, and when I walked inside, I really, really liked the way everything looked. It was just really fancy, with a little jazz playing in the background as I was led to my seat by the sushi bar.

I really wish I could take a series of pictures of the place!

Anyways, I ordered my standard Chirashi lunch w/complimentary soup and salad for $17.  That’s actually pretty darn expensive in comparison to places like Sushi Couture and Wow Sushi, so I expect a couple steps up in terms of quality.

I wonder how many pictures of miso soup & salad I have on my blog…

I liked the lotus root crisp! It was different.

Was definitely a cut above Sushi Couture, though it was not two cuts above! I don’t know how much sense that makes, but basically, while it was better, I don’t think it was better ENOUGH to justify those kinds of prices. All the fish was good quality, the egg was pretty average, and the fried lotus root (the potato chip-esque thing with holes above the kurodai/sea bream) was a nice touch. But you know, you saw my Wow Sushi post, and the picture of their Chirashi. It was also like, $4 cheaper or something like that, allowing me to order something else if I so pleased. In any case, I remember particularly enjoying the sea bream here, and the sushi chef was courteous when I asked him what it was. I just wasn’t feeling the magic of this place though, at the end of the day.

Final Thoughts: I think it’s unfair of me to properly rate this place because I’ve only eaten their Chirashi sushi, and they’re more of a fusion style Japanese place anyways. But, at the same time, Sushi Couture and Wow Sushi are both fusion places as well, and their prices are lower, with fish quality that is on par with Yuzu. So I guess you can see why I am being a little judgemental! From a student (not for much longer… but I digress) perspective though, I’d have to say no to coming here again. Cheers!


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