I remember when this spot used to be a Wasabi… anyways, this place is a little like Day and Night, but it’s cheaper, is less high class, and has no foie gras on the menu. But sometimes a strange combination of AYCE plus a special menu item is all you need to sate your appetite.

Logo reminds me of Papparappa

Location: 668 Silver Star Blvd
Price: $$-$$$
Telephone #: (416)226-9988

So let’s explain the concept of the menu first. Essentially, for the prices listed on the menu, you get to order an entree, like a Sizzling Ribeye Steak or a Baked Lobster, which you get one serving of. There is also an all you can eat buffet table section where you can get such delights as spring rolls, fried dumplings, french fries, onion rings, garlic bread, kung pao chicken, vegetables… your standard cheap buffet fare. There is also a salad bar on the other side, with a dessert section next to it. You can make your own, or you can take their servings of potato salad or whatever. They have a variety of ice creams and mousse/pudding/cake offerings. Finally, there is an all you can drink section — I recommend making a peach 7-up! It tastes quite delicious.

This + all you can eat

In my visit, I ordered the ribeye steak, and there was a good amount of fatty tissue for me to nibble away at. It’s nothing Keg quality or anything like that, but it’s a passable steak on a hot iron plate. I was sad that my egg yolk had already burst open. 😦 By itself, this would not be enough for a growing dude like me!

I do think that ribeye is the best kind of steak…

Black cod is usually delicious, and this was alright as well. The roasted lemon on the side was there if you wanted the extra zip of the flavor. Without sauce though, this pasta was very bland (according to the person that ate it).

I like izakaya preparations better, but this was still okay

The Steak and Chicken is one of the cheaper options on the menu, and I think it is pretty good value. Don’t expect to get a ribeye or anything great like that, but it’s a lot of meat and you do get access to all the AYCE sections of the restaurant! And look, they didn’t mess up the egg for this one.

I love the little egg off in the corner. Can you dig it out without breaking the yolk?


As promised.

Coconut ice cream is delicious.

Final Thoughts: I’ve gone here with my friends once or twice, and one of them has this to say: it’s alright, but Japanese AYCE is better. You do get more variety, even if you might have to wait a long time for a truncated order for whatever reason. But if you’re not feeling Japanese all you can eat or high class buffet at Hilton or something, I think this is a perfectly acceptable choice if you’re in the area and you’re hungry. Happy dining!



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