I seriously have no idea. Food was good, though! Nice place to grab a bite and a latte with friends, or to sit down and read a book. Probably both.

They have a cheaper takeout section and if you go inside everything costs a little more…

Location: 55 Bloor St W
Price: $$
Phone #: 416 963-9864

It’s in a large plaza with an Indigo and a Metro Supermarket, along with an LCBO and a BMO, if that helps :). Anyways I’ve wanted to try this place ever since walking by it last year and I finally got my chance a while back. I did not take a decor photo because it felt a little too impolite.

I think I underrate the potency of lattes and their capabilities to make relaxed reading more enjoyable. This book was pretty good, too btw.

I love a good latte. I don’t often drink coffee, but when I do, it’s gotta be delicious, and the foamed milk, perfect temperature, and creaminess of the coffee made it a very relaxing drink to have while reading a book.

I should have asked for olive oil and balsamic… oh well. BUTTER!!

As I always say, more restaurants need to offer free bread. Free good bread. I saw another table that had balsamic vinegar and olive oil to dip the bread in — I didn’t ask, but I assume I could have done the same thing.

I ordered the scaccia. I pronounced it “Ska she ah,” and the waiter did not look at me funny — maybe he hears this mispronounciation too often.

I was going to get a pasta, but I decided instead to get the item on the menu named after the restaurant. This is a spinach and veal scaccia, which resembles to me either a flatbread sandwich or a panini-esque creation. Personally, I thought it was just okay — the veal didn’t have a great deal of flavor and it was a little too spinachy. Nevertheless, the sandwich was nice and buttery, and the pepperiness of the salad along with the sharp notes from the balsamic vinaigrette helped to balance out this meal.

Final Thoughts: This place is definitely alright, but just alright. I’ve been to better Italian places for cheaper prices, though Daddyo’s has less selection and Portici is further away (still the best Italian I’ve had, though I need to revisit Portici sometime). I recommend eating in the food court esque arrangement outside instead of going inside to save yourself some cash. Happy fooding!



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