You guys may remember that I wanted to try Mexican again after my bad experience eating burritos last time. So a friend and I decided to hit up a Mexican place that seems pretty well-reviewed, to mixed results.

Wheeee, what’s a Cactus Grill?

Location: 227 Augusta Avenue
Price: $

Looks like a bit of a dive, but my friend and I would not be dissuaded! So we marched on in. First thing I noticed was that their green salsa and their hot sauce were just on the table, uncovered. Oh well. We ordered a guacamole, chorizo tacos, and chicken tacos.  I also ordered a bottle of Dos Equis. Stay thirsty, my friends — what a yummy beer.

I ****ing love guacamole.

Freshly-fried tortilla chips and guacamole. Now guacamole is always good, but this was really nice and creamy, with an ample portion to boot. They don’t seem to make this fresh though — it was cold, like they’d brought it out from the fridge. I can’t complain of course because they’ve got lots of business and probably don’t have the time to make a fresh batch every time.

Spicy. Actually tasted alright with lime on it.

The chorizo tacos. Fairly spicy, though the herbage on top helped to give it more dimensions of flavor. Along with a squirt of lime, this was actually pretty good, and the outer shell was nice and warm — a perfect vessel.

Intriguing… these ones tasted a little weird.

These were the chicken tacos that my friend got. Meat was too dry, and the herbs and flavoring were a little odd. Too spicy, chicken was a little lost in everything else. Was more bearable with lime juice.

Final Thoughts: After dinner, my friend and I both experienced stomach issues for the rest of the evening. It was interesting, to say the least — I think it’s because my stomach isn’t used to this sort of cuisine! As usual, if anybody has any recommendations for good Mexican places, I’m all ears.  This place was actually alright, but all the flavors were a little strong for me. And I still need to try a burrito.

7/10. Cheers!


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