I haven’t really been able to keep up with posts lately. Studying and a rather funny, if somewhat unbelievable (but totally true!) story have done that to me. But there has been one place I’ve eaten at fairly recently (I believe) that I did quite enjoy. Some of you may know this place if you’ve been to the seafood market called Diana’s Seafood. They’ve opened up a restaurant fairly recently right next to their market where they stock some of the freshest seafood products at bargain prices available.

A regular entrance shot!


Location: 2101 Lawrence Ave E
Price: $10-$23
Phone #: (416)288-1588
Website: http://dianasseafood.com/Restaurant/

From what I remember about this place, the decor was fairly simple, and the service was really really nice. They asked us to move tables and they ended us treating us to appetizers! They didn’t know we had ordered oysters, though.  ;D

KUMAMOTO! I think.

Oysters are always delicious, though they are not for everyone.  I can’t really do the cooked ones, but raw ones are so good! It’s hard to describe, as different oysters have different textures and flavors, but as I recall, the group I went with really enjoyed these. To note: they can be creamy, moist, neutral flavored, briny, etc. It’s all about the ones you get! Kumamoto is usually a pretty safe bet, even if it might be a little more expensive.

At this point, our mains were taking quite a while to show up. We didn’t complain, but that’s definitely a minus. The service remained attentive, however. When our mains all finally came, we were very impressed!

Who doesn't love fish and chips? You do? shut up. 😦

I remember this being some of the best fish and chips I’ve ever had. I almost always love fresh cut, thick wedge fries, and their homemade coleslaw had this nice crunch to it. The tartar sauce was definitely homemade, none of that out of a plastic container stuff or anything. The fish itself had a crispy exterior without having too much batter, while the inside remained tender and moist. I think this was like $15 though, so this is not a cheap fish and chips at all!

Yes, those are lobster legs.

It’s alive! My cousin got this lobster sandwich along with a garden salad. I didn’t have the salad, but I do notice a variety of different, fresh looking vegetables. I assume it was quite good. The sandwich itself wasn’t a lame one either, where there’s just a tiny bit of lobster and a bunch of other stuff covering it up. This sandwich had craploads of lobster and could probably have fed two people with smaller appetites. It was good, too! Bacon and ample chunks of lobster. What’s not to love other than the waiting time to get it? 😉

That is a mashed potato shaped in the form of a pear.

The salmon itself was quite good — it’s very easy to overcook salmon to a dry state where it kind of sticks to your teeth all gross like. But this salmon was still tender and almost buttery in its texture. The pear-shaped mashed potato thing is a specialty of this place actually, called a ‘pear william potato.’ I don’t know why they’ve chosen that name, but creamy mashed potatoes with a crispy panko outer layer gets an instant pass (and nomnomnom) from me.

Conclusions: While the wait time for getting our entrees was really long despite there not being too many people, and despite the prices being somewhat (justifiably) high, this place has really, really good seafood and kind service. Not a place to go if you’re in a rush, and probably a little too expensive during dinner for my tastes… but if you’ve got a leisurely lunch period ahead of you, this would be a great place to hang back, slurp down some oysters and share an oversized lobster sandwich. 8.5/10


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