I’ve always wanted to try this place. So one day, I decided to trek out before class and buy takeout. It started raining along the way, but I got my food and I was pleased.

I have this bad habit of just managing to grab the entire name of the restaurant.

Location: 235 College St
Price: $$ pretty much like every other fairly cheap sushi place in terms of dinner pricing
Phone #: (416) 916-6893

As you can see, pretty small.


This small establishment is located on the southwest side of campus. It’s fairly cramped inside, but they do take out and they’re rather quick with their orders. They have a rather simple menu, but that makes it easy to decide what to get.

Sushi in the classroom during lecturetime! Yumyum.


My chicken teriyaki meal came in slivers of zucchini, carrot, and broccoli. Miso soup (which I downed before taking the picture, I was starving) tasted fairly standard. The salad dressing had a really big citrus note to it. Made it taste extra healthy. When I first tried to eat the tempura, I noticed how fresh it was. Extraordinarily crispy, not too oily, and really, really hot! Beware your mouth being burned.

Conclusion: More of the same really, but at least it’s a solid place to eat at if you want cooked Japanese food. There are so many Japanese places in downtown Toronto, but a large majority of them are below average. So be careful when you’re shopping around for random Japanese places! Also, my meal came out, fully packaged in like 10 minutes. Talk about speedy service! 6.5/10


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