Yeah, I’ve not had many burritos littered in my culinary experiences, but I guess now is as good a time as any to start.

JUST managed to catch the whole sign!

Location: College St and McCaul St
Price: like $8 a burrito >_>

California Burritos is a fairly new establishment. I walked past it a few times as I was buying books at the beginning of the year. One day, as I opted to get my usual lunch, I saw the shiny new sign and was attracted to the prospect of trying something I don’t usually go for.

Graffiti! 😀


Entering inside, I immediately notice the cool graffiti walls on both sides. So far so good.

Hope I don't get sued...


Right as you enter you can see a blackboard with the different menu items chalked on. So far so good.

I went to the cashier and asked him for a suggestion, seeing as my knowledge of burritos (and Mexican cuisine in general) is limited. He was courteous and cheerful, offering a steak burrito.

I watched the lady assemble my meal, kind of disappointed that she put only a few slices of steak on in favor of piling loads of sauces, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. onto my $7.50 regular-sized burrito before firing it up on the flat top.

There's another picture of this, opened, but it looks kinda gross. 😦


When this process was completed, I went to try my hand at this mysterious ‘burrito.’ Sadly, I wasn’t really impressed — the scant amount of steak was obviously overshadowed by the massive amount of everything else. The bean paste didn’t really sit well with me and every bite was mostly lettuce and sauce. I didn’t really taste or experience their guacamole, though I noticed it looked a lot more runny then usual.

Conclusion: So, who knows about actual good burrito places? Because I’m pretty sure this place stinks. Both price-wise and taste-wise. 2/10


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