Hai Guys! I know you know this place!! Pho-Train aka Xe Lua is probably the most famous pho-house for hungry/drunken students!

Location: 254 Spadina Ave. Upstairs
Price: $ – Student Priced!
Website: none, but here’s its urbanspoon page with menu pics!

it came like this, I swear... points for attempting to "plate creatively"

Steamed Vietnamese Rice Rolls

So presentations not a strong suit here, but when you’ve got giant cheap portions like these, well, gotta please the tummy first!

with the best cooked-through carrot chunks, EVAR!

Beef Brisket in Tomato Sauce on Rice

small size :)

Pho? Phuh? Phou? Phaugh?

“get my legal pad, it’s Pros and Cons time! ”

Pros: large portions, cheap prices, proximity to school, awesome hours (like, open all the time), fast! oh and really awesome milkshakes!

Cons: service is nonexistent (good if u are mute, you get tossed in a seat with a pencil, piece of paper and menu. no conversation with servers required!), presentation… well. yea, floor is perpetually sticky, what ambience?

The pho is not the best I’ve had, but far from the worst. It was okay. the beef tomato stew was better, but still not the best. the vietnamese steam rolls were… not as I had expected, and also elicited a “meh” from all of us eaters.

Score: 7/10

Last Words:

Fair judgement of pho
is no easy task, all things
taste good at midnight.


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