If you ever find yourself in Singapore and in the mood for a fancy feast, be sure to checkout Les Amis!

As one of the top 3 restaurants of Singapore, one of St.Pellegrino Top 100 Restaurant of the World and Miele Guide Top 20 Restaurant of Asia, Les Amis offers a lovely Asian interpretation of Fine French Dining. Take a look for yourself!

Quite nice.

What lies behind these doors?

Location: 1 Scotts Rd, Shaw Centre, Singapore
Price: $$$$ NOT FOR THE FAINT OF WALLET – 3-Course Set Lunch for 2 with imported flat water ran $175 SGD (140 CAD), however there were way more extras 🙂 see pics!
Website: www.lesamis.com.sg

As a belated birthday present for a dear friend and for myself, I decided to splurge on this meal. I was pleased 🙂

Hand shaped butter and coarse salt for our bread

If I recall correctly... :x

Salmon Tartare - a bonus!

Fresh and succulent, a very pleasant start to a very pleasant meal.

points for artistic presentation

Spring Salad

so full of umami!!

Double Boiled Beef Broth

im butchering all the gorgeous french names... my memory fails :(

Pan-Seared Swordfish?

the presentation is so refreshing

Cornish Hen with ... something.

oh portion control

Roasted Cassava with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


Five Chocolate Dessert - Delicate Opera Cake, Chocolate Icecream Shell, and Raspberry Chocolate Mousse


A Chocolate Orb with Dark Chocolate Ganache Filling in a Cocoa Cream Broth

I could taste all the love in my meal

Rounding off with tea and heart-shaped sugar 🙂

So as you see, the experience was truly one of quality over quantity; Each course was delicate and flavourful, and although the portions were small, the ingredients and preparation was always on-the-mark. The only quip I could think of was that the beef broth ran on the salty side (then again I like tasting air). It’s visible how much effort was put in each dish, creativity, skill and heart. The service was lovely, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the top restaurants in the world!

Score: 9/10 (it’s always an issue with $)

Last Words:

A celebration?
Save your monies for a meal,
Food Love is Real Love.


One thought on “Nom The World: Singapore – Les Amis

  1. Just when I was trying to think up a witty title for food travels, I see this!!! NOM the World is brilliant. I will also use that for my food travel entries!

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