In my unspoken efforts to map out every Japanese place I can get my hands on, my friends and I went to Sushi Queen Izakaya for lunch.

Matrixed this shot to get the entire restaurant name in!

Location: 655 Bay Street
Price: $$
Phone Number: (416)979-3288

So... spacious

We went slightly off peak lunch hour at around 2:00 pm. We were one of the only four tables seated in the massive setting. Understandable, I thought, because this was an IZAKAYA place, not a place for lunch.  They had some cool looking, fairly cheap specials too! Good so far.

Orange zest!

Our complimentary appetizers came fairly readily. The salad dressing was slightly different because orange zest had been added, imparting the salad with a slight sweet, citrus-y flavor. The miso soup was standard as it almost always is.

Not for everyone!

Not exactly what I expected. The one I’m used to having contains sake, sea urchin roe and ikura as well. Still, quail Egg, oyster, Tabasco sauce, and ponzu isn’t a bad combination at all — some people might be put off by the composition, look, or strong flavoring of this dish though.

And then came the wait! We sat there for at least twenty minutes waiting for our lunch entrees to come out despite being one of the few tables seated in the restaurant.

"This is alright. There's nothing really special at all. Just alright." My friend

Yeah, my friend honestly had nothing to say. When he says ‘alright’ he usually means mediocre though, and some of his rolls fell apart too. For waiting 20 minutes, these weren’t very good rolls.

A nasty surprise...

This bento came out soon after the rolls. Was it alright? My other friend was fine with it until he ran into a hair embedded in one of his salmon sushi. Not pleasant at all — when we caught the attention of the waitress, she apologized profusely and offered my friend 50% off his meal. I guess that… kind of makes up for it? But honestly, having a hair in sushi (or any food for that matter) is just not right. I actually have a picture of the sushi with the hair in it, but I’m going to avoid putting it up so none of our stomachs get queasy. 😛

No hairs in this one! I checked.

After waiting for about 15 more minutes, my bento came out. On the bright side, nothing was wrong with the bento itself. Sadly, my meal took around 45 minutes to come out of the kitchen. It didn’t blow me away either — like my friend said, it was just alright. The tempura was fresh but the tempura sauce was too mild, the california rolls were falling apart and flavorless, and the teriyaki salmon was dry and over-cooked.

Conclusion: Maybe I just went on an absolutely terrible day. Still, to get so much wrong with one group of customers when there are only four tables of customers at a restaurant? That suggests a big problem with something in this restaurant. I don’t really think I’ll be going back, and neither will my friends. We collectively all decided to rate this establishment

2/10. (The server was nice enough to do something, and she did apologize. That counts for something, I guess…)


4 thoughts on “Sushi Queen Izakaya: :( :( :(

  1. I had a better experience there last year for dinner with the izakaya part of it (small plates) when they did the group buy promotion. It sucks that it went downhill this much for lunch. :S But in terms of food, it was decent. I do remember that was the first place I saw tako wasabi in Toronto (a main dish at izakayas in Japan) but perhaps more places have it now.

  2. Yeah man, I’d much rather go to Koyoi now. Koyoi’s one of the more traditional Izakayas (they don’t even have sushi!) but they’ve got some really good offerings. It’s also the first place where I tried takowasabi, and man was it delicious! It’s pretty well-priced too. So gooood 😀

  3. i want to say i told you so, but oh wells, they have good udons and some creative appls like the “sushi hamburger” – mayo-y amazingness.

    but yes, KOYOI is AMAZING!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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