I do have downtown posts! I’ll intersperse them with my Scarborough/Markham backlog, as per usual. 🙂

Eat Fresh.

Location: 1095 Ellesmere Road
Price: $$ cheap lunch specials in Scarborough, especially taking into account how much you get O_O
Website: N/A
Phone #: (416)755-3335

No frills~

Was bored of the offerings in the mall, so I decided to take a little trek to a nearby Sushi restaurant that I’ve heard a lot about. This turned out to be a good plan and a worthy adversary! You’ll see why soon.


This edamame beans didn’t look extraordinarily appetizing, but it ended up being a good pairing with the bottle of beer that I bought. It was far too hot outside for me to resist! And yes, Kirin Ichiban is far superior to Sapporo. Dunno about the other Japanese beers, though.

Was not expecting this...

Soup and salad are pretty standard offerings at any Japanese place, and Niji’s iteration is nothing to write home about but nothing too bad. However, as you can see on the screen, it’s the addition of the congee, the fried tofu with teriyaki sauce, and the seaweed with spicy sauce that impressed me. They filled up my table with food! At this point, I kind of felt like I was at an all you can eat place, except with higher quality stuff.

T'was alright.

As you can see from the photo, they’ve opted to use salmon belly meat rather than regular salmon sashimi for their spicy salmon rolls. Because of this fattier cut, the roll is more flavorful and less chewy. The added crunch was a welcome addition! I only ordered this because I didn’t realize there were so many appetizers. Thankfully, this wasn’t too shabby either, especially when put up against AYCE places!

EVEN MORE FOOD! As you can see, my table is actually filled.

The fried mass of stuff on the bottom left was a little old and thus kind of chewy. Other than that though, everything was fairly fresh in this bento. My only complaint would be that the tempura sauce was far too mild. I actually added a little soy sauce to my dipping sauce to make it more flavorful!

Conclusion: Two things to note about this restaurant — there’s no air conditioning! And secondly, I had an epic battle with a fly the entire time I was there. If you don’t like dealing with bugs and you can’t stand places with no AC, this might not be the place for you. However if you don’t mind constantly shooing off one incessant fly whilst eating your meal (it was actually kind of fun for me, kept me aware while I was eating) and you can deal with a slightly warmer environment, the cheap sushi and massive portions will definitely smile upon your tummy.

Also, one of my friend claims that once you get to know the sushi chef, if you wink at him he’ll give you extra. I don’t know? I had too much food to verify, or else I’d have gone for it…



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