The school year begins! Now that I’m back on campus, I’ll see what I can do about updating. In the meantime, I did go to a FEW places over the summer break…

It was almost raining on that fateful day

Location: 3700 Midland Avenue
Price: $$ Fairly cheap food, good portions
Phone Number: (416)292-0221

It's rather nice inside!

This post happened a while so I’ll try my best to remember where I was going with this one. Bear with me while I shake off the rust please. 🙂 Anyways, my mother and I went for lunch here. It’s usually a place I go to with friends for BBT and the like for the evenings, so I decided to see if their food was legit as well.

This was a massive watermelon juice, it was like more than a pint

As I recall it was like $4.99. It was pulpy, yummy watermelon juice though, and it completely dwarfed my mother’s drink.

The mixture of coffee and tea!

For the uninitiated, many Chinese places offer a coffee and milk tea mixture that’s actually quite good. You get a bit of both worlds and it’s usually a good experience. 🙂

The salad was bad, the stewed pork was fatty >=D

Yeah the ‘salad’ was essentially lettuce leaves with a mango dressing. Fortunately the meat itself was rich and succulent. It’d have been very overpowering if not for the rice to balance it out.

Cuz curry is nommy

Don’t expect anything extraordinary. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but it’s a solid meal for the cost ($7.99), as I recall, and it comes with a lot of sides. The preserved bamboo shoots and the chicken soup were both alright. The curry itself wasn’t too spicy, and there was a liberal amount of meat on the plate. Always a plus!

Conclusion: So if you’re ever in the need for cheap food and you’re in the area, Go For Tea would be an alright idea. It’s usually pretty empty in the afternoons anyways so you can sit whatever you want, and even if their food is only OKAY, their drinks are quite good. It’d be a good place to chill with your friends or even to work on a project on a laptop or something.




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