Oh Bah, my title puns are taking a turn for the lame-way … but it really was REALLY GOOD THAI!!! A really tiny hole in the wall kinda place with a reputation of good food across the foodie world of Toronto, here are my nom-thoughts!

I ninja'd a door shot as I left the restaurant... t'was already dark out 😦

Location: 274 Parliament Street
Price: $ (10.75 gets you a curry + rice + salad + drink! most entrees are around $10)
Website: www.sukhothaifood.com

Photos FIRST!

Garlic Chicken? FALSE! GARLIC TOFU!!!

Sukhothai Tofu Pad Thai!

Chicken Khao Soi ❤ It was amazing!!! first thing on the menu for a good reason 🙂

After hearing lots of good buzz about Sukhothai, I decided to finally check it out, and it was DEFINITELY worth the hype!! The restaurant is very small but clean, with simple furniture and some thai decorations on the wall. It doesn’t look as “themed” as some of the other thai restaurants (have you seen Bangkok Garden? talk about extravegantly Thai..), but has more of the home-y kitchen feel. I believe it is thai own-ed and the service was quick and friendly. I can’t help but compare it to Salad King, but less cafeteria-esque and more mom n pop kitchen.

Foods: the tofu was something new to try, and it tasted (and looked) something like tofu chicken nuggets. The tofu pieces themselves are bland but the full breading has garlic and breading spices. Overall the dish is on the lighter side and at $8 per serving (despite large portions) I dont think I would get it again.

On the menu, there are actually 2 pad thai items, the Sukhothai Padthai (we ordered) and the regular padthai, there was a price difference of  $1 IIRC so we inquired out of curiosity what the difference is, and the answer? Sukhothai Pad Thai has some green onions and peanut sprinkled on the final product… -_-‘ not worth the extra dollar imo, but we still got it (lol)

The Sukhothai Pad Thai had a nice tangy flavour that was a little sweet, a little sour, a little delicious 🙂 I especially enjoyed the long strips of tofu as opposed to the tofu bits some restaurants choose to serve. The noodle was cooked well and overall it was nicely done. And the portions are DECEPTIVELY LARGE!!  Perhaps it had to do with the plating, but when the food was served, we both thought the portion was kinda small, but as we ate and ate, it appears that there is more than meets the eye in terms of food quantity!

Khao Soi!!! Oh man this has got to be my favourite thai dish to-date!! The menu describes it as golden noodles in a thai curry gravy of chicken, and the words and photo does it NO JUSTICE!! The dish came with piping hot curry gravy that wafted aroma of ginger and coconut, and tasted so rich that you wonder if it’s made with real cream! The taste is rich and sweet and best of all, it is NOT spicy at all! A most wonderful thing for those of us who love thai curry but are not blessed with spicy-skills! The only thing I had remotely any dissatisfaction for was that there weren’t enough noodles in proportion to the gravy!! And this is purely nitpicking as I was perfectly happy to take home about half of my chicken and gravy and eat it with rice the next day (mmm doubly goodness). This is definitely a dish of indulgence, and I expect the calorie count to reflect that as well :): [

All in all, GO. get some good thai at sukhothai. I know I will 🙂

Score: 9/10 (garlic tofu did this. and maybe ambience could be improved)

Last Words:

Sukhothai Pad Thai,

save your money for dessert,

get the regular.


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