While Jeff is away, the employee/volunteer(s) will play..!  And by play I mean work, so expect lots from me this week, including an out-of-continent special *cue gasps*

First things first, before I left for my vacay (Oh yea I left the country for a bit, but worry not for I have returned with food stories for everybody!), i had the opportunity to finally hit up Duff’s for some of their so hailed “most reliably good wings in toronto”. I had the chance to visit their Vaughan location and try 3 of their (rather meager) flavour selection.

Location: 9360 Bathurst Street, Unit 1 (2 others @ the Annex and Midtown, see website)
Price: $$
Website: www.duffsfamouswings.ca

no carrots. just celery.

Duff's celery. no carrots. but it did come with ranch AND blue cheese... I'm impartial.

Even though the menu says “wings come with celery sticks” … I still secretly hoped that they would bring some carrots. No wing experience is complete without the guilt-veggie that is celery AND carrots… deducting points for this. Moving on, wing time!


Bold BBQ


Honey Garlic!!

We ordered 50 wings for 4 people  and were allowed 3 flavours, so we opted for the 3 above. Both the menu AND the waitress warned us against the understated spicy level so we opted for the Medium Buffalo Sauce instead of the Hot Sauce that we originally had wanted… but looking back I think the menu and the waitress made a hoopla over nothing. I’m NOT a spicy lover/eater and I could handle the medium no problem, even finding it just a tad mild,  so at least go for MEDIUM-HOT or HOT if you want a good kick in your sauce.

Wings: BIG and juicy, fried first but not overly breaded and excellent texture cooked to just the right tenderness. The only issue was the sheer amount of sauce!!! The flavour of the sauce was great but it was very runny, resulting about half a bowl of residual sauce in each of the wing bowls!! There was also A LOT of sauce… so if you like WET WINGS then this is for you, other wise I would advise to lower your expectations. Also, I personally prefer smaller wings myself, something about meat closer to the bones is more delicious? so that’s another thing to keep in mind, if you are like me and prefer tiny wings (haha iphone game), DUFF’s may not be for you.

on a side note, the service throughout our dinner was excellent, the waitress was quite young but very friendly, there was pleasant conversation and genuine responses regarding the foods, and she gave us a second bowl of celery for free!! REMEMBER GUYS, NO CELERY REFILLS @ DUFFS!!

score: 8/10

Working through backlog,
find myself forgetting, but
excuse to re-eat 😀


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