Went back to O.M.G. recently for dinner. Needless to say: as a food blogger, I feel like it’s important to know when I had the wrong feeling about a restaurant.

For information on O.M.G, please click here.

Why is this posting titled parlor trickery? Because my father and I both discovered that while O.M.G.’s food is quite pretty, the quality of the food does not match the price point at all for dinner time. It’s pretty much the equivalent of the Keg for certain options while being nowhere near as good. For example, a Lobster Thermidor runs you $38. The Ribeye runs you $27. 1oz of fois gras is $5. The Fois gras app is over $10. What do I mean?

It's not the lighting, guys: this is the most unnatural-looking cream sauce ever.

This is the seafood linguine. Also notice the bed of microgreens on the top of the dish. This reoccurs on every single other item we got at dinner other than the dessert (thank goodness). Anyways, this was $15.99, and the taste of it was less than stellar. My dad remarked that it seemed quite amateurishly done. At another table, I noticed that someone had ordered the shrimp pasta… for $16.99, they were provided with three medium sized prawns, the rest being pasta. My question here is: why eat pasta here when you can have better, cheaper pasta at Shiso?

So dry I had to get a refill of water.

This is the teriyaki salmon, for $14.99. With my fork and knife, I was able to cut into the meat, but it was not tender at all. In fact, it was so dry that it did not flake off properly.

Meat tenderizing powder no plz

You may find that these dishes are visually appealing. However, the distinct taste of meat tenderizing powder (a taste you usually find at cheap chinese take out places selling steak… somewhat hard to explain, but you’ll notice that your meat doesn’t taste like it’s supposed to. It’s just an off taste and after taste). This was the $25 dinner special of the day, the rack of lamb. You’ll notice that there are blueberries on this dish, which I originally thought could be interesting. Sadly it added nothing to the dish.


The dinner special comes with a dessert, so we decided on a tiramisu. Turned out to be a pretty bad idea; tasted like it was bought at T&T or something (it is fairly close by, after all!). The mango sauce also tasted downright weird.

Conclusion: You know how I remarked in my last OMG posting that I wanted to try out the dinner? Well I did. Don’t bother guys, not worth it at all. Lunch is still okay, but for that price, you’re better off going somewhere else. 4/10. Tiny cheers…


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