Though Le Cafe Michi also has great sushi, our trip to this small establishment the other day was for another coveted part of their menu: the yummy, if slightly pricey cakes.

Can't find the accented e :<

Location: 1802 Pharmacy Ave
Price: For cake? $4-5 a slice. For dinner? Might be $30/h, but that’s for another time. (A far, far away time!)
Website: N/A
Phone #: (416)490-9688
Hours of Operation: Open: Tue-Sat 11:30am-9pm, Sun 11:30-8pm, Sushi Closed: Tue-Sat -3pm-5pm, and closed MOndays (complex, huh?)


We didn’t end up actually eating in here but I thought this would be a nice opportunity to show people who don’t know about Cafe Michi the cakes and the like. I’ve heard some stuff about how the sushi area of Michi is an offshoot of Sushi Kaji or something like that, and having personally had dinner once or twice, the food offerings here are really good. But it’s a little costly, so be careful! It’d be slightly higher than Zen, in fact.


Where they distinguish themselves from many other Japanese restaurants though is the fact that they’ve got also got a bunch of house-made killer desserts such as Green Tea Cake, Chocolate Sakecake, and Mocha Cake. They’ve even got some creme brule off to the side in this picture next to the custard pudding!

Our purchases. 😉

We ended getting a cake each, bringing them home to enjoy.

If I used the real camera the macro would have made this look good! Alas... laziness.

Filled with chocolate flavor as well as undertones of sake, this cake was the one that I ordered. It was actually pretty good, though it was the least sweet of the cakes I felt it had the most refined, deep flavor profile.

My dad always insists on ordering the worst cake so that he can complain

The mocha cake was alright, but nothing to write home about. It wasn’t really unique in any way, and it sort of fell flat for me so I can’t even remember what it tasted like.

The first cake we ever got at MIchi.

The green tea red bean cake! Usually touted as the best of the cake selection at Le Cafe Michi, and for good reason. The taste of green tea is abundant in this cake, but not overpoweringly so. Delightfully sweet, with softened, sweetened red beans and airy cake, this slice is still the hands down best cake (in our opinions) at Le Cafe Michi. You be the judge though!

Conclusion: Saying nothing about their sushi since I didn’t cover that today, Cafe Michi offers a great selection of desserts for dine in or take out. They were even nice enough to let us in fifteen minutes after closing just so we could buy a few slices of cake! Be warned though, an entire green tea cake might run you $40. 😛 For cake, I’m going to give this place 8/10. Cheers!


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