Went back to Shiso Leaf Cafe recently for a celebration, only to find several upgrades to their menu!

Yay for pictures.

Location: 3160 Steeles Avenue East Unit 1
Price: $$-$$$ depending on what you order, it can be less than $14 for dinner or up to $30 for an entree
Website: N/A
Telephone Number: (905)479-9319

This isn’t going to be my standard blog post because I’ve already reviewed Shiso. To note however, they now have their liquor license, as well as daily specials such as the delicious over 1lb of ribeye steak I ordered. Of course these daily specials change every day, so you’re not going to be able to grab rib eye every time. It takes a while for your food to come out. “Relaxed” service, as my friend calls it. So be prepared to wait, but at least the service is nice and attentive.

Fries and seaweed = good. Who knew?

This was a bit of a surprise actually. We got this to share amongst the group and it ended up being quite the treat, though $5 fries are not for everyone.

The best part about this soup? The croutons.

I don’t normally have lentil soup, but the slight spiciness from the curry along with the buttery, crispy croutons at the top of this soup really made it shine for me.

My friends said they enjoyed this.

This is one of the wafu styled pastas that they serve at Shiso Leaf cafe. I didn’t actually eat this, but two of my friends did and they both enjoyed it.


I was honestly expecting a regular-sized steak. When this arrived, I was blown away by the sheer size of it. It covered most of the dinner plate, and there were mounds of delicious fat all over the bone-in ribeye steak. There were potatoes and broccoli too but who cares about that?

I had to do this.

Of course, this steak also tasted really good. It came medium rare, just as I had ordered it, and each bite was juicy and filled with meaty beefy flavors. The fat was a real treat — I don’t always get to eat such a fatty steak and I made good on eating every single bit of this steak that I could.

Conclusion: The main thing that holds Shiso Tree Cafe back is the fact that they take so long to bring out their food! Once it gets out though (they apologize to every table for wait times) they’ve got some great grub. The updated rating for this restaurant is…




3 thoughts on “Shiso Tree Cafe: STEAAAK

  1. hi there~
    I was searching for information about this restaurant and your blog came up.
    Then OH MY GOD~~~
    The lady to the left in the first picture is my MOM~~!!!!
    Anyways nice write-up

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