Disclaimer: Regrettably, no pho was consumed in the making of this blog post. I didn’t look at the name of the restaurant before going in, or else I would have totally ordered pho! Oh well; live and let learn.

If only I knew!!! 😦

Location: 4350 Steeles Avenue East
Price: $ Fairly cheap, under $10 per entree
Website: N/A
Phone #: (905)413-7676
Hours of Operation: 11:30am-8pm (Market Village hours)

Straw hats!

I’ve seen this place around in Market Village for a while now but this is the first time I’ve ventured to try it. We decided on ordering a beef and spring roll vermicelli along with chicken curry w/ rice. To drink, we got the iced lychee drink and my favorite, the avocado milkshake.

Looks weird, but no complaints taste wise.

Why was the iced lychee beverage in a glass while mine was not? 😦

I’ve had several iterations of the avocado milkshake, both at restaurants and at home. I can safely say that this was not one of the better ones I had, as they did not take the time to blend the milkshake until all the ice was gone. As a result, big chunks of ice obstructed my way to the drink. Also, it kind of lacked flavor. It’s alright if you like more subtle flavors, I guess.

Looks like beef chicken!

A massive portion of rice arrived with this chicken curry, which I originally thought was beef due to its dark coloration. Oops. The curry itself tasted watered down, and the colors were all muddled as opposed to bright and full. I mostly tasted coconut and a hint of spice — the chicken I had very little flavor despite being dredged in the curry. I felt as if they had given us leftovers or something, since my mom remarked that it was not like this the last time she went.

Spring rolls are usually good 🙂

This was probably the one good dish present at this meal. The beef was flavored well and not too stringy, while the spring rolls were packed with ingredients and crispy. At the very least, compared to the curry, this dish seemed fresh and full of flavors.

Conclusion: For the price, this place isn’t too bad. I feel like there are better restaurants to eat at in the area though, and the service itself wasn’t really stellar. At the end of the day, nothing really stood out for me and one alright dish won’t change my opinion too much. 6/10. Cheers!

PS – Over 10k views! Thanks for the support everyone. 🙂


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