More posts in the Markham area! More of Market Village, the place I used to frequent all the time! Yes, when I’m not downtown I don’t go out to eat as much. Still happens though, and it’s time I reviewed this place.

Welcome to (City) Hollywood (Cafe)!

Location: 4372 Steeles Ave E
Price: $$
Website: N/A

Same decor since Y2Kish :O

Throughout the years this place has never really changed much. Another HK-style Western Cafe, they serve up cheap steaks with fries and an assortment of more Asian inspired dishes. So of course, I decided to order the cheap $7 steak with fries, and my mom opted for the ‘best wings in the city!’ (every place says this, I swear) and a vermicelli with pork and preserved vegetables. I also ordered a mango milkshake for old times sake (made with lots of mango ice cream and no real mango ;D).

Combination shot!

The blue sheen on the borscht is from the lighting and the bad shot. As usual, this complimentary soup and bread was very average, nothing to write home about. The recently reviewed OMG has much better bread and the soup is a little better too.

Yes those are actually sprinkles...

I always used to get the mango milkshake when I went to this restaurant as a child. It mostly just tastes like mango ice cream. Oh well, for nostalgia purposes, it was alright.

The best? Look into yourselves for the truth!

Personally I doubt fried wings like that are the best in the city, but they did taste okay. I think they costed like $4 or $5 too, so it wasn’t terrible at all.

Looked standard. Tasted standard. Standard picture is standard.

In fact it looks a little gross. At this point we both noticed that this place seemed more than just a little dingy — of course, with the renovations of Market Village being scheduled in the not too far off future, it would be pointless to do any major rehauls for this cafe. BACK to the vermicelli though, my mother said it was nothing special.

It's a $7 steak. What do you expect?

For being only $7, this was a fairly sizable portion. Once again, it was nothing special at all quality wise (I was too afraid to ask for medium rare so I got medium, and my steak ended up being medium well), but the value of this meal was fairly good.

Conclusions: So from reading this, I think the main thing to note is that this is place is a little run-down and dingy. It’s also got some fairly good deals on food. If I had to, I’d eat here, but personally with a car I’d rather trek out for a few extra minutes to go to a place that’s newer. Sorry nostalgia, you only get a 6/10. Mild cheers.



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