Okay after seeing this on the Chinese channel and noticing the name I pretty much had to go to this HK-style Western restaurant. It fits nicely since I’ve been covering this area recently anyways. Onward!

In all its glory!

Location: 4033 Gordon Baker Road
Price: $$ These kinds of restaurants are usually pretty affordable price-wise especially when compared to like Milestones or Moxies.
Website: N/A

I've amassed quite the collection of random people shots...

This name really did catch my attention even though it’s in a slightly hidden area.  This is a fairly small restaurant that can probably only seat around 30-35 people. What this picture doesn’t show are the five large LCD TVs that blare musical performances from Chinese pop stars.

Because there's no website, here's the menu. 😉

As you can see they serve an assortment of dishes, like steak, fish, oxtail, etc. For the uninitiated, this kind of place is sometimes referred to as a “cha chan teng” in Cantonese. It’s a Chinese place that serves up Western and European food with an Asian twist. For lunch, my mom and I decided on the red wine braised ox tail and the French-styled pork casserole. Both came with complimentary drinks of course, as usually is the case with such restaurants! My mother had the hot milk tea, while I opted to add a dollar to get the cold milk tea.

Behold, I cleverly put my buttered slice back into the basket...

Before our mains arrived, we were given a bread basket along with some butter and (:O) a balsamic olive oil dipping sauce with rosemary and thyme. This bread basket was pretty cool for a couple reasons. For one, normally the bread you get at HK-styled places is all soft, cold and unsuitable for buttering. But they totally went all out and got nice, warm bread that makes is a better accompaniment for the butter. Secondly, this is the first time I’ve ever been given a balsamic olive oil mixture to go with my bread at a HK-style Western restaurant. All in all this shows that they tried to go the extra mile with what they served.

I notice adding omg in front of all of these items makes it sound like I really liked them all...Borscht. Particularly hard to spell, one of my favorite soups to have.

We were also given some complimentary soup before our actual meal. My mother commented that the cream soup was fairly standard. My borscht was nothing special, but definitely a step up from some places where their ‘borscht’ just tastes like canned tomato soup or something.

Now with 921301923712893 assorted vegetables!

My mom’s French style pork casserole with fried rice. Usually at Chinese places, the tomato sauced is made with either ketchup or tomato-paste as a base. Here though, their tomato sauce tasted more like it had been made using actual tomatoes. While this is usually a good sign, my mother found it a little too different for her liking. It’s definitely a change from what you normally get, considering the wide variety of vegetables as well. According to her, the peppers, porcini mushrooms, cauliflower, zucchini, etc were a noble effort and it proved they tried hard, but the dish itself was only satisfactory.

Dee lish us.

Meanwhile, my ox tail was pretty darn good. I could actually taste the wine in the sauce and I ended up scooping it all over my rice and even the remainder of the bread. The ox tail itself had been braised until it would fall off the bone, and it was tender and juicy meat. Even though the portion did not seem big, it ended up being a very filling meal! I also enjoyed that the presentation was a play on Korean-styled Pork Bone soup.

Conclusion: They also serve up special set dinners for $25, and some of them include fresh oysters and lobsters. While this experience wasn’t incredible, my mother and I both enjoyed trying this place out. And while it’s not OMG worthy or anything it was definitely a decent hearty meal for a cheap price. I imagine I’ll eventually go and try their dinner with either parents or friends. My mother gave this place a 6, and I gave it an 8, so I’m going to go with 7/10 for now. Cheers!