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Hous(e). The E is there but the column covered it.

Location: 505 HWY #7 East, Unit 50-53 (Commerce Gate) Thornhill, Ontario
$ cheap cheap cheap!
Website: N/A

We went at a really odd time of the day...

This new joint in Thornhill has only opened its doors for a couple weeks. Essentially, they give you a menu sheet and you can fill out the kind of broth you want (including but not limited to, Fish, Chicken, and Tom Yum Goong soups), the kind of noodles you want, and two accompaniments such as fresh fish or fish balls. All this customization comes at the low low price of $7.50. They’ve also got several small share plates, almost in an Japanese izakaya style, that run from $2-$4.

Made in house!

The siu mai is reportedly made right in the kitchen and not bought from anywhere. Actually, while I found this fairly average, my parents both seemed to really like it, claiming it was really fresh.

Yummy innards.

Not for everyone, but honestly, the crispy outer layer of this dish coupled with the inner fatty layer is always quite welcome. Onion and leek has been put into the center of the pork intestines to add extra flavor along with a standard sweet and sour sauce.

Fried fish skin... surprisingly good.

The skin of the fish is actually one of the best parts about eating a fish. Though it is loaded with fat and flavor, often times people forget to use the skin! It’s actually very good, being almost like fish-flavored potato chips. A small bowl of fish soup (I’ll get to this later) was used to impart additional flavors to the dish.

The flagship of this restaurant.

For the most part, I hate fish. I also hate fish soup. It’s always too fishy, and that predominant unpleasant flavor usually encompasses the soup, making it very unpalatable for me. However, this fish soup actually manages to be really good! While there is still a fish flavor, it is subtle, meaning other salty, fresh flavors can actually get through to me. I had a brief chat with one of the owners of the restaurant, and he explains that their fish stock is made fresh every day and never reused the following day if any is left over.


These skewers were pretty tasty but also fairly normal. Nothing special by itself, but the unique sauces that they came with were a nice change of pace.

Once again, made in house!

The people at this restaurant seem to be enthralled with the idea of doing things themselves. These dumplings were pretty different from what I’m used to, but they were definitely alright. There was a lot more vegetables in the dumpling then I was used to. Reminded me of a deep fried version of a kind of dim sum called “chiu chow fun goh.”

The Noodles.

My dad went traditional and decided to order a fish soup noodle from Fish Soup Noodle House. Makes sense. He decided on the vermicelli noodles along with some imitation crab sticks and fish balls for his accompaniments. For once, he had no complaints!

I'm a rebel.

I was wondering why they would serve rice and curry at a Noodle house, and I was way too curious not to try it. I ended up being pleasantly surprised, as the beef brisket that was used had a good deal of fatty tissue. Thus, the brisket was not tough or stringy, which can be the case at a lot of other cheaper Chinese places. As well, they have potatoes! More Asian-styled curries need to have potatoes. The curry sauce itself was spicy, just the way I like it.

Conclusion: Fish Soup Noodle House (FSNH) is not a 5 star restaurant or anything of that matter. You’re not going to be blown away by presentation or the flavors. But everything is solid and tasty, and their fish soup is actually really great. I’ll be going back again, but for now, 8/10! Cheers.


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