Time to get through the backlog! Sorry I’ve fallen behind friends. School and computer issues have been plaguing my update process, along with a lack of restaurants and proper pictures.

They do have an English name, but I realized too late that it was right next to the Chinese one.

Location: 7750 Kennedy Road, Unit 4
Price: $$ Surprisingly affordable for a higher end Chinese place!
Website: N/A

On this particular occasion, my family and I were going here for a nice dinner. As I walked into this establishment, a bold sign read “No reservations, no service!” That’s how popular this place is.

Very spacious, very bright. Quite large is the sum of light.

As is the usual case when there are large Chinese dinners, several different options are ordered and laid out, whereupon you can get as much rice you want. Since there are a lot of pictures here, let’s get moving!

Running theme: Jeff forgetting to take photos until halfway through eating something.

This is a complimentary soup that usually comes with meals in such Chinese establishments. Massive pots of these soup are often made and they’re often times of shoddy quality. However, the soup here was honestly really good. Full of flavor and filled with delicious, healthy vegetables, this warming soup really helped to whet the appetite.

Peking Duck is one of the most delicious Chinese things you can ever eat. Trust me.

For the uninitiated: Essentially, roasted duck skin with some of the meat still attached to it, wrapped with a crepe, along with a sweet, slightly salty sauce and carrots and onions. This is the ****, guys. Especially at this place. There were such ample portions of Peking Duck that I could put three or four slices of crispy duck skin onto my crepe!

Peking Duck is usually a two course meal, where the remainder of the duck is prepared and served in a variety of ways, such as cabbage rolls. For this particular occasion we had the duck meat with eggplant and a rich, thick, sweet soy sauce.

Exhibit A) Half done.

Yeah, those are whole chilis. The inner masochist in me forced me to try one, and God it was spicy! This dish was still really good though since I like spicy flavors. Still this was a very strong dish, and those weak to spice should not attempt to eat it.

Even the bak choi tastes better than normal.

A usual staple when we go eat Chinese, this bak choi was perfectly cooked,  with just a little bit of bite and texture to them but not overly so. The abalone mushrooms were particularly good, being extraordinarily meaty but still tender and filled with the flavor of mushroom.

Vancouver Crab says hello.

I’ve got a big love/hate relationship with crab/lobster/shellfish. On one hand, it’s very tasty. On the other hand, it requires so much effort to get out of the shell! I’m just no good at removing the succulent flesh from these things. If I could, it’d be all love!

Exhibit B: Half done. :<

Unshelled shrimp! Still, these were rather big, andthey tasted really good. It was a sort of spicy sweet and sour sauce with extra tomato flavor. The shells left on the shrimp likely helped with the cooking process and the flavoring of the dish. While this was a bit of a hassle to eat (though not as much as the crab) this ended up being one of my favorite dishes of the night! Sometimes shrimp is rubbery, other times it’s very texturally rough as its been overcooked. This is not the case for Fancy Chinese Cuisine!


The best part of this fish is the cheek. OF course, the extra sweet soy sauce is also very good with rice! I don’t normally eat much fish, but my parents tell me this was good.

At this point we had finished dinner, but we still had the piece de resistance.

Yes, tofu as dessert.

Some Chinese establishments offer a red bean dessert soup. This place however, makes fresh “dao fu fa” every day. Of all the Chinese places I’ve been to n Toronto, this place serves up the best rendition of this mildly sweet, extraordinarily smooth dessert.

Conclusion: Honestly, I don’t usually like eating Chinese food. But I’d make an exception for this place! Remember to grab a reservation! I’ll try to add a number to this page so that I can facilitate that. Cheers! 9/10


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