I used to go to this place ALL the time with my friends from high school. Talk about nostalgia!


Location: 4219 Sheppard Avenue East
Price: $ under ten bucks a pop. Pretty good when you’re not a high school student 😛
Website: http://www.greenbamboo.ca

They've got a pretty varied assortment of stuff on their racks...

This place really brings back memories. Used to come here all the time when I was younger, always having the rare beef pho. I decided to reprise that order when I went most recently, except with a spicy Tom Yum Goon soup variant.

Buttery, sweet, nommy, yommy, DELICIOUS!

This place is also the place where I found my favorite milkshake ever: AVOCADO MILKSHAKE! It’s really good. Trust me, try it sometime. My caption up top summarizes this pretty well. It’s really thick and rich, cold and refreshing. Avocado is really healthy too, so that’s a great plus!

Standard Asian stuff.

My mother also got her usual red bean shake. Another thing to try if you haven’t (though if you’re Asian, you probably have). A spoon is usually provided so that you can spoon out the red beans, which are slightly softened and flavored from being steeped in the sweet drink.

Accidentally ate some before remembering to take pics... this is a running theme in my posts...

I really like Vietnamese spring rolls. They’re not like spring rolls you’d get at a dim sum place. It’s packed to the brim with ingredients, and the crispy outer layer is slightly thicker and more crispy. It’s also accompanied by a tangy sauce. Green Bamboo does spring rolls pretty well, and the pickled vegetables on the side are a nice way to perk up one’s appetite.

Lots and lots of stuff!

Loaded up with vegetables, eggs, nuts, shrimp and chicken, this dish, pronounced “mong” in Chinese (I think… I’m food blogging here, not doing nuances of language!) is a somewhat messy pile of filling goodness. My mother found this just okay, complaining that there wasn’t enough flavor or sauce. I had some of it myself and I personally found that it had just enough, so to each their own I suppose.


For some reason the correct pronunciation of pho (fuuh) is used a lot as a joke or gag. It’s the only reason why I actually know the correct pronunciation! In any case you can see that the thin slices of beef are still somewhat red. They actually cook in the hot soup as you eat it as long as you dip the meat into the stock. This insures that the beef is really fresh and cooked just enough. The soup itself, being slightly spicy and sour, was actually pretty nice. I don’t think it was actually tom yum goon, but the spiciness worked well with the beef and the noodles, so that’s enough for me.

Conclusion: Though there are many pho places all around this area, Green Bamboo will always be my go to place. It’s a little small, but it’s always clean and serviceable, while having solid food that never really disappoints. Be wary of MSG! 8/10. Cheers!

PS – Sorry for posting less, guys. Not eating out as much as usual, but I do have a treat for y’all eventually. 🙂


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