I think there’s only one more sushi joint to try in Yorkville after this…

I took this last 😀

Location: 108 Yorkville Avenue (This one was particularly easy)
Price: $$ Lunch specials are fairly cheap for Yorkville
Website: N/A

Poor guy, he was unprepared for this shot.

In my endless quest to document the many Japanese restaurants of the area and my other mission to fill up my belly with good food, I went to Asuka with my girlfriend in tow to try their stuff. As usual, I ordered the Chirashi ($11.95 iirc), while my friend ordered the special bento for the day ($9.99).


Okay not really but the miso soup here was particularly yummy. Super rich, and it warmed up my body straight into my belly. The salad too was amazingly fresh, with crisp cucumber, along with meaty and juicy tomato slices.

I am the Chirashi master! Okay not really but I've been eating a lot of them for the past little bit.

Shrimp, salmon, two varieties of salmon, butterfish, red snapper, a mound of fresh fish roe, and buttery avocado. Though it looked small, it was surprisingly filling. And oddly enough, the avocado paired REALLY well with the sushi rice. It was like some sort of vegetable butter! All of the fish here were very fresh. And though the portion was smaller, it was leagues and leagues ahead of the terrible Shogun Sushi. While this one didn’t have too many varieties of fish, I was really pleased by the freshness of the vegetables. There was even some sort of odd pickled thing that was briny and delicious. I wish I knew what it was! That was definitely something I’d not seen before in any other Chirashi.

A little bit of everything. 🙂

My friend appreciated that there was so much selection, so that she could try a variety of the items offered by Asuka. I managed to grab a bite of the zucchini since she knows how much I enjoy it, and it was cooked perfectly. Meaty and firm, slightly salty and filled with zucchini flavor. Wonderful! She had no complaints. There was also rice on the side too.

Yes, we did duel with the swords. I also won. ;D

Okay I STILL remember the engineering fail of Shogun Sushi when they mangled cutting an orange properly. I made a point to take a look underneath Asuka’s orange. Guess what? They had fastened on the bottom of the orange tightly within the orange itself, preventing juices and the like from leaking out. THAT is how you do complimentary fruit!

Conclusion: I haven’t tried Sushi Inn yet, but I have walked by a few times. Having been to three of the four Japanese places in this general area, I’m going to have to say that if you’re looking for a good lunch, you’re better off going to either Asuka or Yamato! Their stuff is high quality, and affordable for students during lunch hours. For some odd reason, this place was really charming. It had some sort of undefinable quality to it that I think deserves a try! 9/10. Cheers!


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