Big backlog! Oh well. For my father’s belated birthday dinner, some old family friends and our family went to Chiu Chow Boy.

Those unlit decorations are always there...

Location: 3261 Kennedy Ave
Price: Fairy cheap, can get pretty expensive if you order certain things (Crab, Lobster)
Website: N/A

This is a pretty old place. The decor, while still clean, definitely looks a little dated.

Looks like a standard Chinese restaurant to me...

As is the usual case with Chinese restaurants, we ordered several items for everyone to share.

Forgot to take a picture of the big bowl... 😦

First up, Tofu and seaweed soup. This was okay. Not too salty, ample pieces of tofu, and a few slices of seaweed that imparted some additional flavor to the simple broth.


Next up, we had the fatty pork and yam combination. Sadly, the yams had turned bad, so this dish had to be returned. Gross.

Green stuff 😛

Okay this was actually pretty refreshing. Nothing particularly unique, but at least it didn’t go bad or anything, right? At this point though I kind of noticed that this place seemed a little more dingy than usual. Looking closer, I realized that these vegetables almost seemed a little wilted.

I think this is one of their signature dishes!

In this dish, the herbs are fried, adding additional flavor to the vegetables and chicken. The chicken itself was a little too salty, but still fairly tasty as long as I washed it down with some gulps of tea.

Mmmmm... intestines.

It’s fairly hard to go wrong with fried dishes, even if it is pork intestine. In fact, this is one of my favorite Chinese dishes, despite how gross it may sound. Accompanied by a sweet and sour sauce, it’s crispy on the outside and smooth and silky on the inside.


Well maybe not but the beef and peas did taste pretty good, I was astounded by how much oil was piling up on the bottom of the dish. I guess I should expect this of Chinese cuisine, but I usually do not notice so much oil even in fried dishes! Kind of offputting.

Yes, I do eat non-raw fish. Occasionally.

That being said I didn’t eat much. I don’t really enjoy Asian preparations of cooked fish most of the time and this was no exception. The flesh was kind of tougher than I’d like and it didn’t seem to have much flavor, even with the sauce. It seemed a little overcooked.

A standard dish at Chiu Chow restos, I believe.

Every time I Come here, this dish tastes the same. It’s never bad, but it’s never amazing either. I actually like eating the tofu underneath the duck more. No bones, no fatty duck skin that may or may not have some tendrils of duck feather/hair (??) left on it, and tasty, especially with the marination from the soy sauce.

Conclusion: Yeah… I don’t know about too many places that serve up this kind of cuisine, but I’m inclined to say that even if this wasn’t a good day, they really shouldn’t have served us food that had gone bad. The place also just seemed a little too unclean for my liking, and nothing seemed really fresh. Even if it’s not Chiu Chow food, I’d just recommend you go somewhere else to eat where stuff is not just ‘ok’ but good.



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