A two-for-one deal today! Adventures in Little Italy led me to Sotto Voce for a relaxed and intimate dinner followed by fun, frazzled, fruity drinks at Eat My Martini, both located on College St.

First of all, apologies, I never seem to have proper outdoor shots because I only ever remember to take photo when I dig in for a bite… and because i’m frequently running late for things, I dont seem to catch the leaving moment to get an outdoor shot.. : ( I’ll try to do better.

Location: 595 College Street
Price: $$
Website: www.sottovoce.ca

I ninja'd took this while sitting down, by learning how to use the zoom function

The kitchen is visible from the dining seating, chef busy at work

maybe seats 20?

A really small and cozy restaurant, mirrors!

hopefully from these poor decor shots, you can tell that the place is quite small! Definitely a homey, warm feel, it’s a little bit dark for me, a tealight being the only recognizable light besides the rays emitting from the kitchen, and the really dim chandeliers(?) but I can see how this could be a very romantic place ūüôā *wink wink nudge nudge*

and perhaps, garlic peppercorn?


on to the food:

The Bruschetta was good, fresh ingredients and I dont know what that black spice is on the bread, but it was tasty. ¬†Personally, the bread wasn’t as soft as I would have liked? But that’s just me and my old lady teeth/gums lol.

such good salmon!!!

Salmon Risotto with green beans(risotto of the day), and Spaghetti .. Aglio e Olio ?

Here are the main courses: a risotto and a spaghetti in garlic olive dressing. (no upclose photos because flash photography is much more conspicuous in a dark and tiny restaurant.. I felt so disruptive :[ )

The risotto I must say, was PERFECT. This is what every risotto should taste like!! flavourful and creamy without going overboard with the salt!! Again the ingredients are very fresh and the salmon was grilled to perfection : ) It may look really grilled but the meat was light and flakey. A+ for this dish!

The spaghetti, unfortunately, was not as memorable.. but it is a simple dish and unless your raison d’etre is garlic olive oil, it would be hard to feel anything more than “nice” or “satisfactory” for this dish. That being said, the noodles were cooked to the correct chewiness and and fresh garlic and basil were used.

I had a good experience here. I dont feel like this is a must-go kinda place but if you happen to be in the neighbourhood and in need of a safe, good-quality meal, I would not hesitate to recommend. That being said, the restaurant is located in heart of Little Italy, and I would think there would be even more exceptional places than this if you look hard enough (and I certainly hope to do so)

Score: 8.5/10 

DING DING DING ! BonusRound!!! 

After dinner I had the good luck to step into Eat My Martini, a martini bar famous for their 130+ concoctions at the flat rate of $6 a-piece (or $5 Sunday through Thursday!)

Location: 548 College Street
Price: $ ($5 martini, $3 mixed drinks; $6 and $4 respectively on friday/saturday) tax included.
Website: www.eatmymartini.ca

Also a small little place, not much can be said for decor, ambience, or service, but hey cheap and fun drinks!!

The crowd is VERY female-heavy (but not of heavy females! ahaha.) so be forewarned if any guy readers want to booze up!

font is pretty small, rule of thumb: when you cease to be able to read, cease to drink *thumbs up*

So.. many... words.

As you see, the martini menu is EXPANSIVE… and most of them look pretty awesome! (o yea theres another page of this..)

2 down, 128 varieties to go...

Berry Dream and Inspector Provocateur

Two drinks we tried were Berry Dream (lychee, cassis, raspberry, vodka?) and Inspector Provocateur (various cremes and gold schlager.. oh and raisins in the bottom)

Also, the restaurant offers food menu as well. It was generic bar food and I would definitely recommend getting dinner elsewhere so the lacklustre frozen/refried foods here dont damper the excellence of the drinks.


Score: 9/10

Last Words:
Everything tastes good,
With sufficient ethanol.
Cheap date? Pre-drinking.


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